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  1. Connie Burgess 97 - She really remind me of Lea Salonga and i gotta say her voice is really pure and one of the best, i think she will be in the finale too. I just want her to sing Reflection by Lea Salonga cause i think it suits her voice.
  2. Betsy and Nancy 92 - i really think it would be much better if they perform as solo, is'nt that gonna be interesting 3 sisters battling hahaha, ok so their voices is actually so convincing and its not that bad, they can really improve with some coaching, too bad they are out.
  3. Ray-Tee Turner 95 - He really remind me of lil shan shan and its cute. His rapping skills is impressive and his song choice is great but i am waiting for that part were its just you know tone up a little bit but theres noting, despite of that he can easily go to the finale with great rap song choices...
  4. Hayley Karinge 98 - Ok first of all she looks older than her age and her voice really blew me away, her low notes is perfect everything! She has some possibilities to win too! I just hope she can give more in the next round.
  5. George Elliott 95 - first of all his vocal abilities is great for a 10 years old and his song choice is actually not bad, i really love his rock-ish voice and im hoping to see him go further.
  6. Victoria Alsina 94 - im glad will.i.am turn for her, i really love her song choice and i can really see her as a disney princess, her voice have possibility but i don't think she can go far in the competition(despite of having a maximum of 4 performance each contestant )
  7. Mark Morrisson 94 - im surprised no one turn for him after he play that instrument, but i gotta say he sang the song a little bit shaky and he's not that ready on the competition. I just hope one of them turn so i could see what can he do in the battles but its over...
  8. Lydia Beech 97 - OMG her tone is absolutely one of my favorites as of now and if i were the coach i could easily turn with just 1 sentence she sang. Overall she can go far in the competition.
  9. Jimmy Aska Winch 93 - His Audition is super cute and i gotta say he sounds like some cartoon character that i watch ( I forgot the name). His voice might not that very good but lets see how he go in the battles.
  10. My opinions/grades Dara McChinoll 99 - wow i gotta say he can easily get in the finale with that kind of voice and he has some possibility to win too! He has an amazing voice range and as for 12 yrs old im glad that his voice is not that mature yet.(You know what i mean)
  12. They Deserve to win 1. Katie Kadan - 100 2. Kyla Jade - 100 3. Brooke Simpson - 99 4. Thunderstorm Artis - 98 5. We Mcdonald - 98 They deserve some higher place 6. Hannah Huston- 96 7. Christinna Grimmie - 95 8. Aliyah Moulden - 94 9. Vicci Martinez - 93 10. Will Champlin - 91 uhmm ok? 11. Chris Jamison - 87 12. Tony Luca - 86 13. Dexter Roberts - 85 14. Kirk Jay - 83 15, Nicholas David - 83 NO WAY 16, Joshua Davis - 79 17, Barrett Baber - 75 18, Th
  13. So all the contestants really have to fake a winning speech? with each alternate ending?
  14. The Voice Kids UK is back with its 4th season The fourth series will begin airing on 11 July 2020, being broadcast on a weekly basis on ITV. As with the previous three series, it will be hosted by Emma Willis. Danny Jones, Pixie Lott and will.i.am will return as coaches, but Jessie J has been replaced by Paloma Faith, who was also previously a coach on the adult version of the show. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pre-recorded episodes - featuring the auditions and battle rounds - were filmed a few weeks before the nationwide lockdown in March 2020. No information on t
  15. THEY DESERBE TO WIN 1. Rose Short 100% 2. Koryn Hawthorne 99% 3. Christina Grimmie 96% 4. Jeffery Austin 94% 5. Kemmedy Holmes 93% THEY DESERVE HIGHER PLACE 6. Laith Al-Saadi - 91% 7. Spensha Baker - 89 % 8. Will Champlin - 87 % 9. Bevverly MCcellan - 85 % 10. Micah Iverson - 84 % THEY DESERVE LAST PLACE 11. Nicholas David- 81% 12. Damien Lawson- 80 % HOW THE HELL DID THEY GET INTO THE FINALE. 13. Chris Mann - 79 % 14. Josh Gallagher - 76% 15. The Swon Brothers -
  16. Johny will win with Siala placing 2nd, Chris will be 3rd (his brother might promote him so he can place higher than 3rd then Stellar placing 4th
  17. I dont know but one factor that hes still in the competition is because of his brother. LOL HAHAHAHA, but hes good though.
  18. 1. Nastasia 2. Leila 3. Allyssa 4. Laura 5. Brittany
  19. How many mins left til result???, pls update me hahaha
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