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  1. Fallout Boys' songs have not been sang on the show for many seasons now, I hope David gets to sing one of it, but not all suits him. Centuries is a good one for his voice. He would do great with these type of songs and it will test his range and control
  2. That is what I have thought too! The song requires so much dynamics and vocal agility which Bella has
  3. We can suggest songs right. I heard this song just an hour ago and I think it would fit Bella since she covered a song by Miley already and nailed ito. It is Nothing breaks like a heart I hope Bella moved forward too she is my favorite pop girl this season, judges will be amazed by her voice
  4. I am thinking of Ariana. I feel like Raquel will be better off with her team and her cover of Ariana's song is so beautiful
  5. I hope she had a good battle song and fair pairing too. Sometimes some artists got screwed over with those for the past seasons
  6. I feel like she will shock everyone when the show starts, she is kind of under the radar of everyone here. I am hoping she won her battle and impressed the coaches with her amazing voice what do you think her team is
  7. Battle has ended already right? I hope Hailey made it through
  8. Just her picking that iconic of a song makes her already iconic! This is the first time that I will be hearing someone to sing that song on a show like this.
  9. Raquel has a jazzy/soulful sound which can fit Amy's songs, that's why I agree with this. Possibly love is a losing game, valerie, or tears dry on their own? I feel like she would be perfect for John's team.
  10. The Lovefool girl from Idol! I wish she could have gotten a little bit more screentime during that season, but it is what it is. Add me! I am glad to have her on the voice
  11. Yeah add me. Her song for the blind auditions puzzles me but then again, she killed her Juice cover (my favorite from her), so that should not be a problem. I hope that she sings country songs on the show though.
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