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  1. I am also open to stuff as I am not really sure yet who I wanna cut.
  2. Since one of cuts was already taken we will be replacing that cut with Phillip Phillips - "Fat Bottomed Girls"
  3. I enjoyed her fantasy EP and even saw her in concert at a record store but this song I am not feeling it's not for me which is fine.
  4. I just saw this on twitter and couldn't stop laughing.
  5. Yeah I been following it some what close the last several days. It's really sad and I feel awful for her family.
  6. I was gonna post about this story but didn't really know where to put it. But yeah it's a really sad case. I hope they find the fiance who they let disappear and hold him accountable for what he clearly did.
  7. Chloe needs a manager or something but here's a Chloe bomb.
  8. I was just thinking what if we had a top 31 like the Taylor Swift rankdown.
  9. I am in the same boat as Alex is so I am just gonna be super basic and advance these people. Frank Gallagher Carl Gallagher Philip "Lip" Gallagher Ian Gallagher Kevin "Kev" Ball
  10. That was my first introduction to Nikita she's this cute little Australian girl. TayIor I knew from her covers and I have listened to her originals to its all great stuff!
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