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  1. And you didn't even have to miss any deadlines this time!
  2. I think I put in my write up that I would have preferred this scenario.
  3. Yeah unless every new show they try in the spring flops badly I can't see them putting it back in the spring.
  4. Hopefully this upgrades the level of talent as well because lately there's been maybe like 1 or 2 people I like. So if we get more talented packed into one season that would be great.
  5. The spring seasons have felt lackluster for awhile now. So if they wanna go all out in the fall and add more live shows etc then I think this is a good move.
  6. Kenzie has the mullett though so that might make up for his lack of talent for team minivan.
  7. You went from loving your new set to ditching it within a week it's that wild.
  8. Watching this video has reminded me of how @*Wallace robbed it though
  9. Kelsea's music video for half of my hometown is out now!
  10. Idol saw a Voice contestant get caught up in a racist controversy and they were like hold my beer let me replicate.
  11. incoming segment on fox news where they will just blame it on cancel culture next.
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