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  1. There's apparently a group performance from this season too, Sid mentioned on instagram that he's playing sax during it. And as mentioned in a post in the S20 thread, he got a sax solo during Kelly's Underneath the Tree performance last night too.
  2. The reason they gave for S18 being shortened was because of the Olympics. Those got shifted to next year, it's reasonable to expect that S20 will also be shortened for that same reason.
  3. I don't think they'll have that many OHN's or HYAMLC's in one show. lol I just watched the commercial again and the clips they included were: Kelly - Underneath the Tree Michael Bublé - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) Gwen ft Mon Laverie - Feliz Navidad Gwen & Blake - You Make It Feel Like Christmas Dolly Parton & Jennifer Nettles + S11 Top 10 - Circle of Love John & Katie Kadan - Merry Christmas Baby JHud & Kelly - O Holy Night Adam, Blake, Gwen & Pharrell - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas The Voice twitt
  4. Ryan literally likes every single tweet that mentions him.
  5. You're eliminating the most obvious thing. Something happened that came to the attention of production between Monday night and Tuesday afternoon.
  6. There's many hours between when the song was recorded and yesterday afternoon when he got kicked off for not being able to follow directions.
  7. I'm going with the "he broke some protocol they have" choice.
  8. That's very likely, she could also be Kelly's as Faouzia sang a song with her earlier this year and they're also on the same label.
  9. They're not mishandling anything, that's what happens when you have programming that doesn't have a definite end time. And when everything is turned upside down because of a pandemic. If you think NBC (or any network) will dump an NFL game or college football game for another show, even if it's still one of the network's top shows, that's funny. NBC signed a nearly billion dollar contract to air NFL games and they make probably just shy of $400M in ad revenue per game. The NFL and networks are going to do anything they can to have these games played, especially this year. That cfb
  10. We'll see if that actually happens, I'm not feeling too confident about that. That said, here's NBC's schedule for the following days on Futon Critic Wed: 8-10 - Christmas in Rockefeller Center; 10 - Christmas Spectacular starring the Radio City Rockettes Thurs: 8 - The Voice Holiday Celebration; 9 - Law & Order: SVU (Winter finale); 10 - Dateline Fri: 8 - open; 9 - Dateline ETA: Zap2it and my Spectrum guide are both showing the results show airing Friday at 8. I wonder if that is in fact what they're going to do, if they'l
  11. I'm not saying this is true at all and I'm not saying anything about these people because I don't know anything about them other than what they've shown of themselves on social media after they were on, but character is a huge thing with Kelly too. If it's close or even if one may not "win" their battle or knockout, I think character is a huge deciding factor with some of her choices. Molly just seemed bitter and was making ridiculous claims after the show. Rizzi was a huge fan of Kelly's and probably shouldn't have been anywhere near her team in the first place, imo. I've always f
  12. My take on it is it's not a good look at all, but I'll cut her some slack, for now. It's been 2 months since it happened, and 11 months since the process started, and she's gone through all the emotions of it during that time. Probably had come to terms with the outcome then it gets brought back up again and she's seeing all these people giving her these affirmations on sm and she's feelin' herself a lot because of it and might be slightly blinded to the look it's giving off. If it continues for awhile into the future, I might not cut her as much slack. I have more to say, but I'll stop with t
  13. Unknown if we'll get them but the band and bgvs have been in the studio recording this week. Could just be for tracks for them to use on the show or could be studio recordings.
  14. I remember reading a some tweets back when the Blinds were being filmed that mentioned something about The Voice having a special Christmas show this year. Has anyone heard anything about this before?
  15. Why does that fall on Blake? The one in charge of allowing or not allowing music to be used on the show is all on Miranda and her people.
  16. I really like this panel beyond the show, just as a group of people.
  17. Too much emphasis is put on how many chairs a contestant turns when in reality it means ZILCH.
  18. We have to remember, the Olympics are going to be next year so they're going to shorten the spring season again for that just like they did S18 when the Olympics were supposed to be.
  19. I think it's more that they just don't want to confuse the audience (it's really not hard to do...) by announcing another full panel when this season has literally only aired 2 episodes so far. Timelines are different this year with the broadcast starting later.
  20. MJ has her premiere episode post up https://www.mjsbigblog.com/the-voice-19-premiere-spoilers-artists-songs-performance-order.htm
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