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  1. Does Idol advertise or show their contestant's social media handles? I don't think TV does since they got rid of the twitter vote, do they?
  2. I'm assuming yes on at least Kelly too. Her band posted that they'd been vaccinated awhile ago, so I just assumed she had been too as a show and/or nbc thing. CA is opening it up to 16+ on the 15th with several places including LA (city) getting ahead of schedule and opening it up this weekend. So I agree that by the live shows, the people that want it should at least have some of it by then. I'm not getting my hopes up about anything special being done for the 10th anniversary, but I'd definitely welcome it.
  3. Her announcement should have an asterisk with it. She'd been on the show so much prior to her officially taking a seat that people pretty much figured it was going to happen at some point. And her name had been in the news cycle that whole week before because of the news of Idol coming back and they were floating her name in the media as a possible judge (when it was never going to happen). Ariana's was a true surprise, which makes sense in the times we're in right now, but a real surprise nonetheless.
  4. And right now, touring is still off the table so it opens up time to do the show.
  5. Not really, the studio they're in now is the same studio they were always going to use after they tore down the old Studio 12 after the S18 knockouts were filmed. The pandemic just hasn't allowed them to have an audience in it yet. They have it configured to look "smaller" on camera right now, it's just a big empty building that they can change to how they need it for best use. I'm hopeful they're able to get people in there in May, if not I fully expect it for next season.
  6. Not really. She personally hasn't used her insta or fb pages in a looong time and up until the 1st of October she posted semi-frequently on twitter. She's actually only posted maybe 10-15 times since then.
  7. Sure did, went to a number of his concerts pre-Voice too. Thinking back, I guess I followed country music a bit more then than I do now because I knew his music, Blake and Miranda were a big thing, he was a judge on Nashville Star the season Kacey Musgraves was on there. I also knew of him from another show he did on NBC called Clash of the Choirs. Anyone remember that one?? lol
  8. Her recorded albums are pop but they all pull from many different genres and if you asked her, she would say she's pop (in a grander sense of the word). However it's not odd to me that she's mentioned with the other genres though, pretty much if she's recording on outside records, it's in the country world. I can't tell you the amount of times I've seen her referenced as a country singer in an article, which makes me laugh because that would mean the country album she's been talking about making for 12+ years would finally be out and I'd be a very happy person. And then add to that the nearly
  9. Nope. She was removed from there earlier this week. Kelly is still likely listed there because of the lawsuits where they claim to still represent her and she's made it very clear that they don't.
  10. There’s usually a viewing of the first episode for members of the media shortly before the season starts. I believe there might be a screener sent out too, especially these last 2 seasons. This is also how MJ has posted about the first episode in the past.
  11. lmao I don't care what anyone else thinks, I got a kick out of the video today. They went with a humorous one this time and we know Blake and Kelly are game for whatever, John mostly is and they all had to be to cover for Nick in both his dullness and lack of vocals compared to the other three. I'll agree that the Blake/Nick stuff is old and forced at this point. It's light years above the S15 Honey Bee.
  12. Is that the same one that also keeps telling Kelly to stay away from Blake? There’s been a couple crazy accounts like that over the last year. lol
  13. FWIW, I don't think there's any hard feelings about the song now, she still performs it at concerts etc. When it was released, there was another song that goes by the name Halo (you may have heard of it?) that sounds suspiciously similar. What's the common thread between the two? Ryan Tedder (this is where there still may be hard feelings). Kelly writes the lyrics, Tedder brought the track. She was asked about the two songs in a little sidebar of a printed interview around the time AG was released and she said that the two of them had been working together, they wrote and recorded the song. He
  14. Nope. Schedule is out for next week and he's not on it.
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