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  1. You're remembering mostly right. I believe they got 2 or 3 run throughs of the song. I know it was 2 for sure, 1 rehearsal and 1 was the recorded take and there were producers on with them the whole time. I want to say there was a 3rd technical run through before the others but I'm not certain on that.
  2. I know, but what I'm saying is the reasoning they gave for shortening S18 was for the Olympics. That shouldn't change for this season, if that was the reasoning for that season. The Voice EP Audrey Morrissey: What's New and What to Look Forward To on Season 18
  3. You keep forgetting about a major thing. Before covid hit, tptb were saying S18 was being shortened because of the Olympics that were supposed to happen last year. Those got pushed to this summer and even though it's looking like it's going to be a tough road to get them in again this year, they have to plan as though they're happening. NBC is in the same position for S20 as they were for S18. They're not going to be pushing it into June.
  4. I've been expecting them to push the filming dates like this since they've been asking (not mandating yet) productions in LA to delay filming this month if they could. Even with a skeleton crew, The Voice still has a sizeable production crew.
  5. They're all up on Apple/iTunes, Spotify, etc. now.
  6. I don't know how long it'll be, but Biden is set to give a speech at 7:30pm ET tonight and I assume (would hope that) all the networks will be carrying it. If he or the network goes over 8pm, it'll be interesting to see what they do with the beginning of the show tonight. It would be a big disadvantage to be one of the first several performances.
  7. You can tell they're using The Chicks cover of Landslide as the basis on this one, so yeah there's a subtle country vibe to it. I hate that song in general, but I actually really like Desz singing this.
  8. Keith Urban. The Top 20 are doing Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree.
  9. Nelly has a new song out with FGL "Lil Bit". D+S have a couple new Christmas songs out too. I feel like Lauren does too, but I'm blanking on it and don't feel like looking it up. They made that graphic more confusing than it needed to be.
  10. For some reason this season, the people that run her accounts during the show have stayed on instagram and stayed away from twitter idk
  11. They have several times! Run Run Run on Kelly's Piece By Piece album. Re-did Baby, It's Cold Outside on John's Christmas album last year. They have a couple live versions of You Don't Know Me floating around out there too, one from the show Duets and another from one of Kelly's concerts.
  12. There's apparently a group performance from this season too, Sid mentioned on instagram that he's playing sax during it. And as mentioned in a post in the S20 thread, he got a sax solo during Kelly's Underneath the Tree performance last night too.
  13. The reason they gave for S18 being shortened was because of the Olympics. Those got shifted to next year, it's reasonable to expect that S20 will also be shortened for that same reason.
  14. I don't think they'll have that many OHN's or HYAMLC's in one show. lol I just watched the commercial again and the clips they included were: Kelly - Underneath the Tree Michael Bublé - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) Gwen ft Mon Laverie - Feliz Navidad Gwen & Blake - You Make It Feel Like Christmas Dolly Parton & Jennifer Nettles + S11 Top 10 - Circle of Love John & Katie Kadan - Merry Christmas Baby JHud & Kelly - O Holy Night Adam, Blake, Gwen & Pharrell - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas The Voice twitt
  15. Ryan literally likes every single tweet that mentions him.
  16. You're eliminating the most obvious thing. Something happened that came to the attention of production between Monday night and Tuesday afternoon.
  17. There's many hours between when the song was recorded and yesterday afternoon when he got kicked off for not being able to follow directions.
  18. I'm going with the "he broke some protocol they have" choice.
  19. That's very likely, she could also be Kelly's as Faouzia sang a song with her earlier this year and they're also on the same label.
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