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  1. I haven't been following them super closely to know if anything happened to cause this, but it looks like Kaleb Lee is stepping away from Pryor & Lee and music altogether. Their EP was (is?) supposed to come out next week. I wonder if Pryor will stay on at Black River and transition back into a solo artist or what will happen there. https://www.instagram.com/p/CWMbN7iLYPU/
  2. Kelly's show is also available the night of on Peacock. It's a crapshoot on nbc.com, sometimes it's available early in the evening the day of or it'll be put up several days later.
  3. She's one HallelujahGodBlesstheUSAHowGreatThouArtAmazingGrace away from being their most favorite contestant ever.
  4. Knowing there's Live Playoffs again, how is the schedule playing out from here? Going off Kelly's upcoming filming schedule, they'd start Nov 8.
  5. You might get your wish before the year is over. Kelly's releasing a Christmas album and the rumor is that there's a duet with them on it. It's just a rumor at this point, news of the album should be out in the next couple weeks. Right? Not like she's not on tv (and the internet) 5 days a week singing.
  6. What exactly did they fix here? If fixed means made worse, they sure fixed it. The theme is "magic" and she's blowing the "magical dust" out of her hands. The picture is just fine as it is. Sure, if we ignore the years of stuff she did with Reba prior to that. But I do agree that she most likely frames their relationship on something like that.
  7. Dierks! He never even crossed my mind. ha While I dislike just about everything having to do with Jason, I know some people that have interacted with him outside of work settings and they've all said that he and his wife were super nice people, which surprised all of them. I've always kind of questioned Kelly's, I wouldn't say friendship more like friendly acquaintance with him, I also have to remember that we always hear about all the crappy stuff through the social media echo chamber which I'm sure she doesn't and knows him differently. That said, he still sucks.
  8. Might have the wrong first link there... I love those two together. Blake has been far and away her best duet partner on that song. Over the years she's sang it with 7 different people, including John, and I always come back to her and Blake or her solo version.
  9. I'm the furthest away from musical theatre circles as one can be. lol I know her from tv, movies and music, but I know she made her name on Broadway.
  10. Aren't you also the one that didn't know who Dolly Parton or Frank Sinatra was? Kristin isn't quite at the same legendary level as those two, but she's very well known in her own right. From now on I'm going to assume you're either young or are trolling about this. Ari definitely won this round with her advisor, by a long shot.
  11. Jason is Kelly's. She had some private shows a few weeks before the Battle tapings happened and she mentioned at one of them after playing Don't You Wanna Stay (her duet with Jason) that she's be running into him soon for a "work thing." Blake's is not Toby. For one, Toby is a huge guy and that person has a much slimmer build. Two, Toby could never get his legs to cross like that and he never wears all black. After looking at who performed in 2019 on the show, Travis Tritt fits and he's always wearing black too. Ariana's is totally Kristin Chenoweth and Camila for John. Big, fat MEH to Kelly and Blake this round.
  12. Outside of an odd post here and there, neither Kelly nor Blake run their social media accounts anymore. Kelly really only posted over on IG for a few years after she joined back in 2013, then it mostly turned into a reposting from other socials and her team posting for her. She was a tiny bit more active on twitter, albeit sporadically, until about a year ago, it's been mostly her team tweeting for her for years. She actually did a couple drive-by tweets a few weeks back when she dug up a couple some random week old tweets and replied to them. She's mentioned a couple times in the past year that she's pretty much off social media these days. While I was digging through her IG looking for some stuff, I was reminded of this picture with Ari back in 2015 with Kelly's former stepkids. Seth used to have a huge crush on her. lol Now Kelly's working with her and River is the same age as he was in this pic and that kind of blows my mind. https://www.instagram.com/p/3mKHAkIzlh/
  13. Kelly's in Orlando tonight doing a show, so they could be filming but it's nothing with her.
  14. It's cute that that "pinthedog" person thinks the coaches actually arrange the music and split up the lines the contestants sing.
  15. I'm curious, how many of you are old enough to remember and/or watch when Carson hosted TRL and other MTV shows? To this day it still cracks me up that he hosts The Voice because he was always "too cool for school" and stuck up about Idol and the other shows like that in those early years... including with Kelly early on. To be fair, he wasn't alone with that attitude at that time, but it's still so funny to me and for him and Kelly to be as good of friends as they are now makes me happy.
  16. Even though many were trainwrecks, many also were not, I miss the team performances we used to get.
  17. Kara mentioned on ig that they're doing the studios today and that although she couldn't say how many songs are being recorded, she said she thought they haven't done this many before. I'm assuming that it's 15 songs?
  18. I don't know, NBC has new people in charge of programming and this will be their first full go around with the schedules and shows. They've been making other changes with other shows too. I think this is a good move and one that probably should've happened a few years ago. Them being able to get Ariana is probably because they did cut the second cycle. I think the chances of the season being extended by a few more weeks is 50/50. I would love for it to be, but I'm not going to be putting any money on it being. And it's not the producers that decide how many shows they get to air, that comes from the top and the producers of The Voice have to figure out how to make the show work in the timeframe they're given.
  19. Does Idol advertise or show their contestant's social media handles? I don't think TV does since they got rid of the twitter vote, do they?
  20. I'm assuming yes on at least Kelly too. Her band posted that they'd been vaccinated awhile ago, so I just assumed she had been too as a show and/or nbc thing. CA is opening it up to 16+ on the 15th with several places including LA (city) getting ahead of schedule and opening it up this weekend. So I agree that by the live shows, the people that want it should at least have some of it by then. I'm not getting my hopes up about anything special being done for the 10th anniversary, but I'd definitely welcome it.
  21. Her announcement should have an asterisk with it. She'd been on the show so much prior to her officially taking a seat that people pretty much figured it was going to happen at some point. And her name had been in the news cycle that whole week before because of the news of Idol coming back and they were floating her name in the media as a possible judge (when it was never going to happen). Ariana's was a true surprise, which makes sense in the times we're in right now, but a real surprise nonetheless.
  22. And right now, touring is still off the table so it opens up time to do the show.
  23. Not really, the studio they're in now is the same studio they were always going to use after they tore down the old Studio 12 after the S18 knockouts were filmed. The pandemic just hasn't allowed them to have an audience in it yet. They have it configured to look "smaller" on camera right now, it's just a big empty building that they can change to how they need it for best use. I'm hopeful they're able to get people in there in May, if not I fully expect it for next season.
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