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  1. For those that keep track of this, it was noted before that a couple people were back home, are any of the confirmed next rounders still in LA now?
  2. Totally going off topic here, but Apollo and River are same age, right? And Luna and Remy too? They really do have a lot of little kids around there.
  3. yeah, they're not going to be there for a rehearsal for the audience members. lol
  4. Kelly's glam squad was on the Universal lot the other day doing prep work and Darcy, the head MUA, was loading up on PPE the same day. I'm making assumptions, but with the timing of the blinds coming up, I feel like it was all Voice related and that they'll be in the studio unless they get shutdown in the next 2 weeks.
  5. Yeah, I think John is in Mexico, right? Kelly's most likely in LA although I saw someone mention last night that they heard she was in the area in MT. I lean towards that person being late on the news, but I also wouldn't rule it out right now. I think she might be done with the talk show for this season finally, they haven't been filming for a couple weeks, but I'm sure she's got a ton of other crap to take care of instead.
  6. I voted for S17/19 because I like their dynamic together the best, but S14 was close. I like how they all represented something different, but I enjoy the show so much more without Adam there so that made the voting decision easy.
  7. That would've been fun, if rumors are true, that last one ain't gonna happen.
  8. I still don't think any studio stuff will be happening until at least late July for The Voice, but Kelly is back in LA again. That's most likely because they are supposed to be starting some summer studio sessions for her show this month and made her come back for it. ha
  9. Kelly set up a recording studio/area there, she's been finishing her album when she can get a few moments to herself. ftr, I thought she sounded like herself in the duet.
  10. She's in LA for awhile, she has her talk show that's around for at least one more season and probably more. Their oldest, who is 18, lives in FL and has for the past 4 years so that has no bearing on anything. They could just be moving, people do it all the time. And I'm sure she's in, she's done a lot of interviews in the last 3 weeks and has mentioned the blind auditions for the next season and how they're going to have to figure out how to do them several times.
  11. I've been wondering how long they could realistically push everything back and still have it on air in September. July, maybe early August with a super rushed filming schedule? I think audiences for the Blinds and probably Battles will definitely be out. Travel is an obvious obstacle, but the biggest thing is when more than a handful of people can be in the same place at the same time because the crew that makes the show work in the normal studio is rather large. Fall tv is going to be weird this year.
  12. I wouldn't look into that too much. She/her sm team tweeted it late, deleted it, then tweeted it again slightly different right at the end of the voting window.
  13. Allegra said that the producers remote in on the tablet, so that's basically the lifeline of the whole production.
  14. That is going to be risky. She did say that they had people come out to help with their internet situation there after she was doing work for her show and it was taking a day+ (not a typo) to get anything uploaded. In recent things she's been doing versus a couple weeks ago, it seems that the internet environment has improved quite a bit so fingers crossed on that part.
  15. If I'm not mistaken they've already had most, if not all, of the open calls for the next season already. So they should have a pool of people to work through.
  16. I said it yesterday that it would probably take a miracle for them to do the live shows when they're scheduled now and still think that, but don't read too much into Kelly's "hiding in Montana" thing. They go there whenever they have a tiny break in their schedule and they have a big break now. It's just like what Blake does with Oklahoma.
  17. Unless something miraculous happens, I don't see them having a live show as we know it this season. Beyond just having the contestants and coaches there, there's so many crew that make this show happen. They could go with a skeleton crew, but even then that would be a lot of people. And they still have to build the set(s), that adds to the number of crew needed too. Obviously there's still over a month for them to make the decision and I sure would hope we're close to getting over the hump then, I'm not really counting on it.
  18. There's a video here with some contestants in it. 'The Voice' exclusive preview: Nick Jonas is the new rookie coach, so let the hazing begin
  19. Pryor and Kaleb, from S14, are now a duo and signed to Black River.
  20. I can guarantee that if she thought about sharing, she sure won't be now.
  21. Advisors: Kelly - Dua Lipa https://www.etonline.com/media/videos/the-voice-why-kelly-clarkson-chose-dua-lipa-as-a-team-mentor-exclusive-140012 Nick - Jonas Brothers https://www.eonline.com/news/1114103/the-jonas-brothers-are-nick-jonas-the-voice-season-18-advisors John - Ella Mai https://www.accessonline.com/videos/john-legend-welcomes-ella-mai-as-season-18-voice-advisor-i-love-the-perspective-she-has Blake - Bebe Rexha? can't find an official announcement for his.
  22. Does she? I'm a pretty invested fan and I haven't seen anything like that. She'll make a post on twitter and maybe a quick ig live during the show to vote and that's all I've seen come from her camp. There might be a fan account or two that says something, but you're giving them way too much credit here. ps... no one likes tidetoit. :)
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