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  1. I'm not saying this is true at all and I'm not saying anything about these people because I don't know anything about them other than what they've shown of themselves on social media after they were on, but character is a huge thing with Kelly too. If it's close or even if one may not "win" their battle or knockout, I think character is a huge deciding factor with some of her choices. Molly just seemed bitter and was making ridiculous claims after the show. Rizzi was a huge fan of Kelly's and probably shouldn't have been anywhere near her team in the first place, imo. I've always felt that anything short of them becoming bffs, Rizzi was going to be disappointed in the outcome. The jury is still out with Marisa, but like I said in the other thread, it's really not a good look what she's doing right now.
  2. My take on it is it's not a good look at all, but I'll cut her some slack, for now. It's been 2 months since it happened, and 11 months since the process started, and she's gone through all the emotions of it during that time. Probably had come to terms with the outcome then it gets brought back up again and she's seeing all these people giving her these affirmations on sm and she's feelin' herself a lot because of it and might be slightly blinded to the look it's giving off. If it continues for awhile into the future, I might not cut her as much slack. I have more to say, but I'll stop with that because I'm not sure how I want to word it for it to make sense. At the end of the day, it's a television show/competition. Heavy on the television show part. I'm not saying there are shenanigans going on, but they're making a product for television and it's not always fair to all people.
  3. Unknown if we'll get them but the band and bgvs have been in the studio recording this week. Could just be for tracks for them to use on the show or could be studio recordings.
  4. I remember reading a some tweets back when the Blinds were being filmed that mentioned something about The Voice having a special Christmas show this year. Has anyone heard anything about this before?
  5. Why does that fall on Blake? The one in charge of allowing or not allowing music to be used on the show is all on Miranda and her people.
  6. I really like this panel beyond the show, just as a group of people.
  7. Too much emphasis is put on how many chairs a contestant turns when in reality it means ZILCH.
  8. We have to remember, the Olympics are going to be next year so they're going to shorten the spring season again for that just like they did S18 when the Olympics were supposed to be.
  9. I think it's more that they just don't want to confuse the audience (it's really not hard to do...) by announcing another full panel when this season has literally only aired 2 episodes so far. Timelines are different this year with the broadcast starting later.
  10. MJ has her premiere episode post up https://www.mjsbigblog.com/the-voice-19-premiere-spoilers-artists-songs-performance-order.htm
  11. That's the part I don't get either. I mostly stick to twitter and see comments under The Voice tweets about how so and so isn't going to watch anymore because he's on there and they need to keep politics off the show. John is very outspoken, but he doesn't do it on the show at all. So it's all just so stupid. All it does is reflect on the person posting, not the person they're posting about.
  12. The only reason Kelly was announced so early was that was when Idol was coming back and they were playing games with her name in the media and insinuating that she was going to be a judge on there. Which was never going to happen and she said they had only made a brief mention of it to her and that she had already signed on with The Voice by then. She had spoiled Alicia coming back a couple times before she was officially announced but I don't think many caught it. But yeah, her official announcement was late that season.
  13. I'm curious to see what sort of edit they do for Lain or if he might end up getting montaged. I can't remember what was said about how he actually did in his blind performance, I'm only remembering what happened with Kelly and I'm not convinced the producers will milk that moment.
  14. They've done official announcements today for all of them besides Blake and Kane unless I'm just not seeing it. Kelly's got her eye patch for it. ha
  15. They used some artistic license in the editing department on that one. The shots of the 4 coaches hitting their buttons are from S17.
  16. Gwen's style and voice are definitely polarizing. While I personally don't like it when she goes into the style that she did with this song, I think within the context of One Love, it was a perfect fit. I keep imagining that Blake was thinking "what the heck is she saying" when he was looking at her singing. haha Where Gwen has totally surprised me is when she sings "normal" like on Blake's songs or the More Than Words performance from S17 and especially on the Neon Moon performance the coaches did last year on Kelly's show. I thought she sounded great then. eta: I thought it was a cool video and they sounded great again.
  17. She had it the first week of September, the first week her show filmed, so it was for those 6 shows which will air randomly for awhile. She said she got it on a long shoot day for The Voice in a dusty warehouse and also ended up having to wear the patch during the battle rehearsal clips so it'll be making an appearance on this show too.
  18. There's an interview with Andrew on MusicRow.com today Newcomer Andrew Jannakos Breaks Through With Viral Country Hit “Gone Too Soon” | MusicRow
  19. It's already been confirmed on here, but unless they make some announcement tomorrow regarding the mega mentor, Kelly spills the beans on her show tomorrow while talking to Usher.
  20. I think part of that is a comfort level between the two. They've known each other as actual friends for so long that they know what buttons to push and where the line is with each other, they really are like siblings. It's just different from other combos which also work but in different ways. I'm using this as an excuse to post my favorite exchange between the 2 from last year. (go to 2:49 if it doesn't automatically)
  21. LMAO I really do wonder what Kane or someone on his team has over someone on The Voice's production team.
  22. It wasn't Ellen's show that made the season short, it was the Olympics and NBC having to shuffle the schedule. Since those are now pushed to next year and they can hopefully hold them, S20 could be short again.
  23. It's showing 2 days (8&9th) , 3 tapings for me on 1iota.
  24. Granted we're not in normal times, but that's interesting. Based on Kelly's taping schedule I was assuming that the next round wouldn't film until at least Sept 7-9, but that would be like a month between tapings for the contestants to be in LA. Next week would make sense, but I'm doubting that mostly because 1iota hasn't put tickets up yet. But again, these aren't normal times and the timing of things are weird everywhere.
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