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  1. The shows have a gap from May 7 to August 5 More than enough time for blinds, the contestants to go home for like a month, and then come back for battles/KO's. Manifesting an early end to AGT's season next summer for an earlier start to The Voice/longer season = more live shows. Although battles and KO's wrapping by the end of the first week of August is definitely the earliest circumstance I've seen for the show. The coaches don't have an obligation throughout the first half of the year for once though, which is good news!
  2. Listening in order of least favorite song choices to favorites. That means Paris' two first
  3. The upbeat picks are Wendy's is probably the best (I love The Chain but not in the finale context. About 5000 better choices than that.) Is Hailey's even really "upbeat" bc I listened to it and it stills feels too slow.
  4. So only one fresh song choice (Hailey's upbeat) Meh. I love Wendy's choices! And Jershika doing I'm Goin' Down? I can't believe we're gonna have a ranking thread and I'm gonna have to pick between Janice, Katie, and Jershika
  5. Oof. They didn't want Paris to hit that top 3 did they? What other song choices are missing? 1 from Wendy and GNT?
  6. They'll start being posted on her around 7:30PST, pretty sure after. The fun part is the fake song spoilers beginning around 7:15PST
  7. Kendra and Rebecca but Jordan, Mike, and Allegra! Jordan's a nice surprise. Also, Kenedi Anderson was on the shortlist for another season of TVUS. I believe it was Allegra's season.
  8. Not us subtly roasting @jus.willyabout Dolly Parton again
  9. Yeah, it’s Universal so this is probably it. They’ll do some promo maybe during the finale. J. Lo isn’t particularly known for being a “vocalist” so I think a lot of people would be turned off by her personally. Although I WOULD love to see more people singing in Spanish and they’d obviously hype that up. Also, she has a reputation as a diva I suppose so not sure how that would be received. I know 2 people who have actually worked with her in separate circumstances and they each said she’s actually very kind to those that worked around/with her, so who knows. I don’t think she’d cause a problem.
  10. Dolly has a chokehold on this country and rightfully so. Put her against my top 3 favorite performers and she still has a real chance at me picking her. On that note, I’m kind of surprised the show hasn’t gone through with an older coach before? Tom Jones has been a judge in the UK for almost every season and he manages to get artists of all ages and is just delightful to watch interact with the younger coaches. Would be nice to have an “actual” legend on the panel in one of the middle 2 seats.
  11. Looked at her story. If she ate at Peggy Sue’s, she definitely went on a road trip to Vegas. And her husband is with her. Not sure if that feels like she made it to the next round?
  12. Voting Morgan, Mary, Lauren, Brennley, Keisha, Chevel, Rebecca, Lana. Audra, Taryn, and Emily Ann were decent too but I wouldn't say I was a big fan of them.
  13. Keke and Tori were pre-recorded. Did the article say that they had sung with the top 13?
  14. Joshua. Didn't like him at first but was sad when he was eliminated. I liked Jershika and Lana from the start but they grew on me even more and exceeded my expectations!
  15. Joshua > Hailey but overall strong!
  16. Enjoy what you enjoy, ignore our opinions. We'll talk crap on certain artists here but none of our opinions matter anyway.
  17. Not pictured: Jim putting up both middle fingers to the camera 2 seconds later
  18. Given song choice, I'd think you're correct. I think Gymani > Holly that night (and pretty much every week tbh) and Kelly would've seen that as well. I think at most we could've possibly seen Holly over Hailey for WC but still.
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