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  1. Given song choice, I'd think you're correct. I think Gymani > Holly that night (and pretty much every week tbh) and Kelly would've seen that as well. I think at most we could've possibly seen Holly over Hailey for WC but still.
  2. I put mixed run. Interesting coach and clearly dedicated to her contestants (I hope she follows through with helping out her contestants) but she definitely didn't think so much with her head as much as her heart when it came down to decision-making. But it's good to have a coach that clearly gives a sh*t. Do I want her back? Absolutely. She was a breath of fresh air this season. Would I bet on her coming back? NOPE. Her fans were cruel to her and her artists. I don't think she'll feel that motivated to make a return. But who knows. Maybe she had a more positive experience than I'm picturing.
  3. 1a. Girl Named Tom 1b. Jershika Maple 3. Wendy Moten 4. Paris Winningham 5. Hailey Mia
  4. Still like 4 months away minimum but we stan patience!
  5. JohnJershikaDuetJohnJershikaDuetJohnJershikaDuetJohnJershikaDuet
  6. Throwback to the convo we had earlier this week about whether Paris could get away with saying "THIS B*TCH" if he got Smokin' Out the Window
  7. This was stronger than her performance last night for sure. Not hearing many issues from her so far.
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