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  1. She was one of the ones I was most interested for the season. Unconventional blind song choice but I actually really dug her. She did seem like a perfect Miley contestant. Something about her was early-Gaga-esque which was a vibe we never get on these shows. Her KO was a bit polarizing and while I think Darby's win was warranted there, would've been nice to see her go further.
  2. All I'm adding: Everyone else tested positive in my household 2 Saturdays ago and I had to quarantine in here and play nurse. I never tested positive and have tested negative 3 times (Mon/Thurs/Sunday morning) now, had to take a full week off of work. I'm going back to work tomorrow. Genuinely baffled I never tested positive despite being stuck here for a full week and staying in full contact. I got boosted back in December and was the only one to do so (parents are double vaxxed). Unfortunately, my unvaxxed grandpa's in the hospital with pneumonia from COVID but he's reportedly doing a lot better now. I'm hoping he doesn't backslide and hope to have him out in a week or two. Didn't take the vaxx but he did find himself a bunch of HCQ and ivermectin and a bunch of other random crap I see in his bedroom. Nice to see how that one worked out. My super healthy Q uncle that got him all that stuff is still struggling with his symptoms, too. He got COVID from church and brought it to the rest of us. I'm stressed and tired but things are kind of starting to look up for my grandpa at least. Also, as someone whose mother is a teacher - schools need to shut down and go virtual if they already haven't. I'm sick of this crap. You can't keep piling on that many students onto a single classroom and adding more when the teacher gets COVID too. I work in client's homes with children and every one of my clients has had to cancel at least 2 therapy sessions this month bc of exposure/positive tests. Even the careful/cautious ones. That's my piece. I just need to vent somewhere. Dropped off stuff at the hospital for my grandpa and he at least seems lucid and making positive strides. I get there's a lot of takes about this so here's mine. I'm just tired. Stay safe y'all.
  3. As long as no one on the show has abused their power like they did over there, they should overall be in the clear. We don't have anything to worry about. .....right?
  4. 1. Katie Rae vs. Bella DeNapoli 2. BrittanyBree vs. Samara Brown 3. Wendy Moten vs. Manny Keith 4. Jeremy Rosado vs. Jershika Maple
  5. I do like J. Lo but she's not a big vocalist... that's gonna be where I struggle a bit with her compared to other female coaches. I guess we can say the same for Gwen not being a big vocalist, but Gwen doesn't fill the role that they'd be trying to fill with J. Lo if that makes sense? Going from Kelly to Jennifer Lopez is a bit of a step down. If she's Ari's replacement and we still get Kelly/John/Blake I can see it and would probably be open to it, but if they're trying to fill a gap from Kelly, that's a bit of a tough one to imagine. That being said, I'd love if this meant they bring in more Spanish-speaking and more upbeat singer/dancer/performers. Just thinking out loud lol.
  6. I know not everyone keeps up with international versions of the show, but if you haven't heard about what's happening with The Voice of Holland right now, I highly encourage you to come on over to that thread. There's a lot of allegations, etc. that led to the show (the original version of the show!) being effectively cancelled and another coach quitting (we stan Anouk) after 3 episodes aired in the season. (TW: SA, etc.) It involves the band leader, a current coach, and a former coach.
  7. Thanks for the heads up: English subtitles are available. 5.2M views in less than one day though
  8. Apparently the big doc talking about everything is tonight. I assume everything's just hidden/privated so they don't get spammed with hate, etc. It'll be back up eventually. Not soon - but eventually.
  9. And the weird thing is I don't particularly dislike Darby's You Don't Own Me. I actually kind of liked Darby's run overall? And I generally have an issue with most of the quirky/forced indie voices. Her pre-lives were all 3 solid performances for me though. On the other hand, I couldn't stand Kat Hammock's voice besides her battle. Darby's just weird because on paper, I should've disliked her but I ended up liking her more than a lot others. She was on the weakest season though so not too much competition anyways lol.
  10. 1. Wendy Moten vs. Manny Keith 2. Hailey Green vs. Lana Scott 3. Peedy Chavis vs. The Joy Reunion 4. Carson Peters vs. Clint Sherman
  11. 1. Katie Rae vs. Bella DeNapoli 2. David Vogel vs. Chavon Rodgers 3. Raquel Trinidad vs. Hailey Mia 4. Ryleigh Plank vs. KCK3 5. Katherine Ann Mohler vs. Vaughn Mugol
  12. Laith I felt pretty much his wohle run, he knocked it out of the park. As Daillon mentioned regarding Jesse, he was pretty nice but overall forgettable. Like this season had Hunter Plake, Brennley Brown, and Vanessa Ferguson as alternatives. Even though he performed relatively well his whole run (and gave us the only performance of Sir Duke on the show!), I don't get how Jesse got that finale spot over all of them.
  13. 1. Girl Named Tom vs. Kinsey 2. Jeremy vs. Jershika 3. Gymani vs. Aaron 4. Cunningham Sisters vs. Parker
  14. 1. BrittanyBree vs. Samara 2. Paris vs. Jonathan 3. Joshua vs. Keilah 4. Sabrina vs. Jack 5. Samuel vs KJ
  15. Worth noting for Carter, he was actually taped after Blake's team was full so he could only get a max of 3 chairs. I also don't remember if the taping order from the spoiler page for the last taping was correct, but if Carter was after Emmalee, then he only had 2/2.
  16. Well that was quick Bummed to see the show go down like this. It's always been one of the best. Shame to all of those whose behavior caused led to this.
  17. Mixed some all time faves with some of my least favorites lol. Noah Mac always.
  18. A good, competitive mix here but Addison was my favorite.
  19. Voted Chloe for personal preference. Everyone Alisan and below is an acceptable choice though imo!
  20. Only liked a few of these and I voted Brennley basically bc she was the only one of them to survive playoffs
  21. Wonder if this will have any effect on any other franchises around the world. I mean it's literally the original version. I think the U.S. version will be fine because we're far enough separated from it and have become our own beast, but what about the other international versions? Specifically those in nearby countries like Germany. That's one of my favorite international versions. Hell, Holland is one of them as well.
  22. There's a lot of women who I feel could take on Kelly's spot (P!nk, Gaga, even an older/less contemporary singer) but none of them have been on the show yet. Loved Ari, but she's a long shot for a second season anyways and minivan doesn't like her. Love Gwen, but she doesn't give off the energy that Kelly brings and there will always be that separate Blake-Gwen dynamic that's nice but will get boring vs a rivalry like Kelly-Blake. JHud has the right energy but she's too divisive for the audience. So I don't think the show is doomed without her, but it's a hard one to replace. Kelly replacing Adam was a total fluke. Blake is the hard one to replace. Always onboard for an even male-female panel though!
  23. It took me several seasons to build up a tolerance to Blake. Not sure I can learn to tolerate another country male on the show before it cancelled
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