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  1. I mean that's fine but if I have to wait a whole 6-7 months without the show only to find out we're getting Nick Jonas, Imma be rightfully pissed.
  2. 1a. Libanca (for actual replayability) 1b. Wendy (for vocals) 3. Lana 4. Hailey - 5. Jonathan 6. Carson 7. Peedy? 8. Berritt?
  3. Alisan, GNT, and Cam were all pretty set in stone as winners by their KO. Chloe had a breakthrough with KO but still had to rise in the ranks, and Addison did so alongside her. It was a fun, intense "rivalry" that I hope we get again some day.
  4. Debating between Cam and Chloe. I do think Cam was a level above pretty much everyone else his season, even if I preferred others in the top 8, but Chloe's arc from blind to finale was tremendous and even though it was a much more competitive season, she earned that win. Hard to pick but voted Chloe.
  5. The opinion otherwise is just referring to their KO because they were getting a lot of hate in advance but nailed it nonetheless Bella probably could've gotten a Twitter save but the trajectory she was going on wasn't a good one, and the voting audience (FB) already lost interest/thought she was bad. Even though she had one of the strongest blind/battle combos in recent memory.
  6. Too many comments I'm not willing to read above, but this 100%. So much complaining for Jim and Sasha. Like no, whether you liked them or not - they were consistent. Call them consistently average or consistently boring or whatever - they were consistent and the audience loved them, so the audience voted. Ariana had nothing to do with them making it as far as they did. They landed in the bottom and both IS performances were wonky and they pulled through. They got PV the week after because they didn't flop like Holly and Jeremy did and that's that, sorry y'all. So much hostility towards them. Just blame minivan if you're upset they got that far, not Ari. And I loved Bella and Raquel - but let's face it, they would've been gone within 1-2 rounds tops. J&S lasted much longer but were equally deserving. Aaaand their KO was excellent and I will not accept any opinion otherwise.
  7. Flawless. 1. Jershika Fantastic. 2. Shadale 3. Paris 4. Samuel 5. Joshua Missed the mark, but thankfully not bad enough to be considered "trainwrecks" in my book 6. Samara 7. Sabrina 8. BrittanyBree
  8. We haven't even talked about this season and of course we stan the same contestant looool. Also sidenote, Mr. Jesse Teinaki giving my favorite performance of any version of The Voice in 2020:
  9. Oh yay, our favorite thread has re-emerged, just like every season
  10. 1. Jershika Maple - Fantastic run. Not a single bad/underwhelming performance and I can't say that about 99.99999% of any other contestant 2. Micah Iverson - Up and down, but enjoyed his song selections a lot more than Victor's 3. Victor Solomon - Up and down, only really enjoyed "Glory" and "Freedom" 4. John Holiday - Polarizing. Probably one of the most talented contestants we've ever had with the worst set of song choices.
  11. Icons. Legends. 1. Kyla Jade 2. Katie Kadan 3. Hannah Huston 4. Thunderstorm Artis 5. Paris Winningham Very much enjoyed their run! 6. Wé McDonald 7. Nicholas David 8. Aliyah Moulden 9. Ian Flanigan 10. Brooke Simpson 11. Christina Grimmie 12. Vicci Martinez 13. Tony Lucca 14. Jordan Matthew Young Probably wouldn't give an extra listen to: 15. Joshua Davis 16. Dexter Roberts 17. Barrett Baber Nah. 18. Kirk Jay 19. Will Champlin 20. Chris Jamison 21. The Swon Brothers
  12. My small flex is that last time a thread like this was posted a couple years back, I posted Ricky Montgomery Thanks TikTok for making him absolutely blow up
  13. Icons. Legends. 1. DeSz 2. Laith Al-Saadi 3. Kennedy Holmes 4. Rose Short Enjoyed their runs! 5. Koryn Hawthorne 6. Jeffery Austin 7. Chris Mann 8. Beverly McClellan 9. Jesse Larson Wouldn't really listen to again 10. Spensha Baker 11. Josh Gallagher 12. Hailey Mia 13. Rachel Mac 14. CammWess Didn't Like for the most part 15. Damien 16. Red Marlow
  14. I semi-forced my mom to watch the season for once. She's not a big fan but she suffered through it. Key Takeaways: -She loved Jeremy Rosado and Jim & Sasha. Swore either would be the winners -She had this weird deep dislike of Raquel Trinidad and Ryleigh Plank. -Thought Peedy was awful -Did not like Hailey Mia or Holly Forbes much. -Liked GNT and Jershika (my two faves) overall -Upon viewing the finale performances (no one watched the finale), she swore Paris or Wendy would win. She wasn't a huge Wendy fan beforehand. -Doesn't like Ariana. LOVES John and Kelly. Ok with Blake, thinks he's funny.
  15. Chloe and Addison. Neither of them had an "off" week imo.
  16. Not sure if this is the best place to put it but if you want to stroll back through memory lane, Queen Trelawny is putting up a bunch of throwback pictures on her Instagram rn. https://www.instagram.com/p/CXfIsATF6Ax/ Look through the comments to see all the love that the former contestants are giving her, both verified and unverified She deserves all the hype.
  17. Best winner(s) since Maelyn Congrats GNT! And the rest of the top 5 as well!
  18. Yeah I remember not liking it, then most of us loved her battle + KO and revisited the blind... it was really special. Radioactive Soul for life
  19. WatchMojo posted a "Top 10 Hardest Songs to Sing on The Voice" video for those interested. If you don't wanna watch:
  20. Working through the finale tonight but will be on after. Congrats again to all the finalists and thanks for another awesome season, IDF!
  21. 1a. Jershika Maple 1b. Corey Ward 1c. Girl Named Tom 4. Dana Monique 5. Samuel Harness 6. Zania Alake 7. Bella DeNapoli 8. Jim & Sasha Allen 9. Savanna Woods 10. David Vogel HM: Cam Anthony, Wendy Moten, Libianca
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