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  1. Not really sure how “unpop” (or not) it is, but... Marybeth is free falling. She’s been pretty underwhelming since the lives started. I keep expecting a moment from her, but every performance of hers is just so “just there”. John isn’t really helping either. I thought she was some kind of pop-ish country leaning artist, but her journey with John doesn’t sign at that direction at all. IDK, I guess I was just expecting something very different from her and it’s probably on me anyways.
  2. Pharrell is currently in Brazil, I think it's very much unlikely for him to show up on The Voice tonight
  3. Apart from my taste, quality wise I think: 1. Katie Kadan 2. Rose Short 3. Ricky Duran 4. Myracle Holloway 5. Joana Martinez 6. Marybeth Byrd 7. Hello Sunday 8. Jake Hoot 9. Shane Q 10. Kat Hammock 11. Will Breman But if I were to do it according to my personal taste: 1. Rose Short 2. Marybeth Byrd 3. Kat Hammock 4. Joana Martinez 5. Katie Kadan 6. Ricky Duran 7. Myracle Holloway 8. Hello Sunday 9. Will Breman 10. Jake Hoot 11. Shane Q
  4. I don’t think he’s ever spoken anything bout it. But I was under the same impression, haha. Maybe cuz he looks a ton like Matt Bomer and my mind just automatically sends me there lol.
  5. It hasn’t gone fractional just yet, so I’d say it’s pretty good so far.
  6. Now that we've seen the performances: Team Blake: PV 1: Kat PV 2: Ricky D Save: Gracee WC: Ricky B Team Gwen: PV 1: Rose PV 2: Kyndal Save: Jake WC: Joana Team Kelly: PV 1: Jake PV 2: Max Save: Hello Sunday WC: Shane Team Legend: PV 1: Katie PV 2: Marybeth Save: Will WC: Alex
  7. Team Kelly: 1. Max Boyle 2. Jake Hoot 3. Shane Q 4. Hello Sunday 5. Damali Team Legend: 1. Marybeth Byrd 2. Katie Kadan 3. Khalea Lynee 4. Alex Guthrie 5. Will Breman
  8. Team Blake: 1. Kat Hammock 2. Gracee Shriver 3. Ricky Braddy 4. Ricky Duran 5. Cali Wilson Team Gwen: 1. Rose Short 2. Joana Martinez 3. Kyndal Inskeep 4. Jake HaldenVang 5. Myracle Holloway
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