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  1. Louis is verified now even though fransisco has more followers he is not verified yet
  2. https://www.tmz.com/2020/03/30/american-idol-season-canceled-coronavirus-covid-19/ thought's ?
  3. Louis has the potential to be a huge superstar. He already is an established musician, with an EP released. Just needs to get the chance.
  4. I think Louis Wil make it far I think he the heart throb of the season
  5. https://cartermatt.com/398526/american-idol-season-18-shifts-schedule-amidst-health-crisis/
  6. https://cartermatt.com/398526/american-idol-season-18-shifts-schedule-amidst-health-crisis/
  7. Can't wait for his Hawaii performance of castle on the hill by ed sheeran
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