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  1. Really enjoyed her performance last night. Best of TG. I hope she makes it.
  2. Two of my top 3 flopped last night. Bad song choices, nerves, buses and all that. Hopefully my top fav will make it to compensate. Voice gods, please save Max. (!)
  3. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! :sorcerer: VOTING CLOSES AT 7am ET/4am PT Tuesday 10 votes per artist/per email address VOTE ON THE VOICE WEB SITE: https://voicevote.votenow.nbc.com/vote/grid VOTE ON THE VOICE OFFICIAL APP: (Available in the App store, Google Play)
  4. you're probably right, and I'll go back to hating on her lol
  5. Cali was bad, I agree. And she was my fav girl.
  6. Katie's back in the frontrunner seat after tonight. The Hoot was okay but had his most lackluster performance since the blinds.
  7. Unpop: Max had one of the top 3 performances of the night. Joana's performance was underrated I actually enjoyed Katie tonight. :o
  8. Team Blake: 1. Ricky D 2. Gracee 3. Kat 4. Ricky B 5. Cali Team Gwen: 1. Joana 2. Rose 3. Kyndal 4. Myracle 5. Jake
  9. Got bussed with that song choice. :ermm: The old Gwen struck again.
  10. Team Kelly 1. Max Boyle 2. Jake Hoot 3. Damali 4. Hello Sunday 5. Shane Q Team Legend 1. Katie Kadan <-- wut?? 2. MaryBeth Byrd 3. Will Breman 4. Khalea Lynee 5. Alex Guthrie
  11. Max was a bit nervous in the beginning (probably dying inside, poor guy) then more than made up for it. Loved it. He could and should get the PV. dHea9DEA_-o
  12. Catching up with the first performances Team Blake Ricky D: Britton isn't shook, but he was OK Cali: what was that? So disappointing Gracee: ok I guess Kat: see Gracee Ricky B: ugh the song... but it was entertaining. Team Gwen Rose: good vocals Kyndal: she sounded very nervous + a bum note Joana: I liked that. Myracle: vocals ok (did she inhale the fire smoke?) but that song -_- Jake: My top 2 from this batch: Ricky D and Joana Too bad my 2 favs from those teams, Cali and Jake, didn't do well :'(
  13. Did you just say I didn't miss much? Just checking. :icecream:
  14. ★★Chris Jamison Fanthread★★ The soulful. The hopeful. The fantastic 4-chair-turn on team Adam Keep tracking Chris' updates: Facebook Twitter Instagram Vine YouTube Channel Reverbnation Personal Website Soundcloud (personal) Soundcloud (band) NBC Profile ------BUY HIS MUSIC ON ITUNES!------ (Original Single) Gravity (Blind Audition) ‪ ‪Wiz Khalifa and Chris Jamison: "See You Again"‬ Allen Stone - Unaware ft. Chris Jamison (Cincinnati, OH 2/26/15) Chris Jamison | The Moment He Felt His Transformation ‪Jessie J and Chris Jamison: "Masterpiece"‬ ‪Finale - Adam Levine and Chris Jamison: "Lost Without U"‬ ‪Finale - Chris Jamison: "Cry Me a River"‬ ‪Chris Jamison: "Velvet" (Official Music Video)‬ ‪Finale - Chris Jamison Original Performance: "Velvet"‬ ‪A Family Guy & "Sugar"‬ ‪‪I'll Be - Studio Version‬ ‪Semifinals -"When I Was Your Man"‬ ‪Semifinals - "Sugar"‬ Georgia On My Mind - Top 8 Results‬ Save Top 8 - Chris Jamison: "Sexual Healing"‬ ‪Sexual Healing - Studio Version - The Voice 7‬ ‪Top 10 - Chris Jamison: "Uptown Funk"‬ ‪Uptown Funk - Studio Version - The Voice 7‬ ‪Top 12 - Chris Jamison: "Jealous"‬ ‪Jealous - Studio Version - The Voice 7‬ ‪Playoffs - Chris Jamison: "Don't"‬ ‪Don't - Studio Version - The Voice 7‬ ‪Knockouts - Chris Jamison: "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay"‬ ‪Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay - Studio Version - The Voice 7‬ ‪Gravity - Studio Version - The Voice 7‬ Blind Audition: John Mayer - Gravity Meet Chris Jamison FAN LIST: 1. PanSheen 3. Ant1nomy 4. xxStacieLynn 5. silversauce 6. alias 7. mjdolorico 8. Naira 9. Soreneraya 0. Dandyyy 11. starkguy 12. Mr_Jay 13. JeremyxD 14. mercfan3 15. M@Dara 16. soundofarrows 17. BrokenHearted 18. pookiepookiester 19. Niki 20. FlowerEagle 21. zinklings 22. BamBam 23. ninilee 24. BlueSkittle 25. Milkitaaa 26. LifeGivesUSigns. 27. Survivor 28. Ryan. 29. dfn2603 30. Shamy_SJMW 31. Nerf39 32. Oliviaaa 33. Wallace 34. Kert 35. mockinge 36. nco 37. kresslia 38. SpaceTiger 39. brownies 40. summerk 41. tinychrister 42. MissM 43. iRIHFAN 44. cookiecatcher 45. tebanpotato 46. NGM 47. 1AndOnlyHCT 48. Katie1738 49. You?
  15. Welsome to the Voice forum! Yeah, the loss of years of data is tragic. :'( But we soldier on. Soon the front page will only show new threads lol.
  16. Thanks for taking the time to do this! This forum needed updated SM stats.
  17. Thx. I'll stick around for a bit then just in case.
  18. The bus is one of the top strategies TPTB has to get the results they want. Let's just hope Max doesn't have a seat with his name on it. :ph34r:
  19. Any point sticking around for spoilers this afternoon? What's the earliest you guys think we'll get the song list?
  20. He needs a killer song choice. Everybody not TB does at this stage. And then there's the bussing.
  21. I have a long list tbqhr. :whistling: It's wahr...
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