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  1. Wow Team Legend was the only one we predicted accurately, CS and all.
  2. So far, 2 out of 3 saves got the PV. Interesting...
  3. JOANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't expect that. Awesome surprise!
  4. daf*ck? Cali used to be my top girl, but she's been so disappointing I disrespectfully disagree, Blake!
  5. You just know there's gotta be some flop results tonight. TV never disappoints.
  6. Will they ever recover from that? Adam sure never did lol
  7. Spoiler alert: Carson will announce Katie safe first. :detective:
  8. The main problem with The Voice: the coaches have way too much impact on the fate of the contestants. A built-in advantage if said coaches have a huge Voice following, a handicap if they don't. And Gwen belongs to the latter.
  9. Your siggy shows some chaos and drama potential. j/s :whistling:
  10. Makes me nervous TPTB might tweak the votes and select mostly saves for the WC for drama. :shiver:
  11. Nervous but hopeful. Last night's performance showed he has a gorgeous lower range on top of his flawless emotional meltdown technique. Haven't been this psyched about an indie folk/rock male contestant since S7! My favorite genre and I end up being way too picky, but this one finally passed the test after 10 seasons. I'll be crushed if he doesn't make it. >.<
  12. I know! Once he got over the nerves after a first seconds, he was magical again.
  13. LOL John annoys me as a coach, but he's kinda adorable to watch when he really gets into his contestants performances.
  14. Color me shocked lol! :o He does have a chance, at the WC as well, so not giving up yet. As for Will, his backstory should help him. The Aspie community is strong and supportive. I won't be shocked if he gets a PV. I didn't follow the show live, so idk if they mentioned Cali and Ricky B's backstories. Cali didn't do well anyway so maybe Ricky B will get the LGBT support if they decide to vote.
  15. I wonder if he'll be asked back. TPTB has to have noticed how popular he was.
  16. iTunes Youtube Official Twitter Facebook Instagram "Proverbial Elephant" album New single "The Mates of Soul" ARTICLES Taylor John Williams: The Voice as a springboard to stardom – From OMN the Magazine VIDEOS and INTERVIEWS (2018 uodate: Most of The Voice videos have since been deleted by the producers)) The Morning House Party - Taylor John Williams Interview 2/4/15 Taylor John Williams 2/4/15 Acoustic songs: Paris France (original) and Royals (Lorde Cover) Castle (original) (video deleted) Portland Show 1/21/2015 Alberta Rose Theatre - Story Portland Show 1/21/2015 Alberta Rose Theatre - Doing Time Portland Show 1/21/2015 Alberta Rose Theatre - We're Gonna Be Okay Drop It Like It's Hot (Snoop Dogg) #swag Take Me To Church cover Riptide cover 1/3/2015 Portland Meet and Greet: ‪"We're Going To Be Okay‬" (original) 12/30/2014 Portland Meet and Greet: Royals 12/30/2014 Portland Meet and Greet: Mad World 12/30/2014 KGW Portland Interview: Portland's 'The Voice' standout on life after 'reality' Interview: 'The Victoria To Uyen Show' ‪Pharrell Top 5 Red Carpet Interview‬. Taylor John Williams After His Elimination (video deleted) Throwback Outtakes: Top 5‬ (video deleted) The Meaning of "Making It" | Semifinals Wildcard - "Wicked Game"‬ (video deleted) ‪Semifinals - "Falling Slowly"‬ (video deleted) Top Five: Red Carpet Interview ‪Semifinals - "Blank Space"‬ (video deleted) Top 8 Red Carpet Interview -- Hilarious. Don't miss the 1:01 part ‪A Soulful Hippie | Top 8‬ Top 8: Royals (best cover ever) (video deleted) Top 10: Come Together (video deleted) Group Performance: "The Tide Is High"‬ (video deleted) ‪The Dark One | Top 12‬ ‪Behind the Top 12: Team Gwen (video deleted) Top 12 Performance: If (video deleted) Group Performance - Riptide (video deleted) Result for Team Gwen - Playoffs Night 2‬ (video deleted) Playoffs - Stuck In the Middle With You - Studio Version (video deleted) Live Playoffs - Stuck In the Middle With You (video deleted) Blind Audition (video deleted) Battle Round (video deleted) Heartless (studio version) (video deleted) Knockout Round (video deleted) Mad World (studio version) (video deleted) 1. Naira 2. istersay 3. Niki 4. KL48 5. sw5110 6. angie4lyfe17 7. Ryan. 8. plusleisgod 9. alias 10. Iamkiki 11. BlueSkittle 12. mockinge 13. Usernamer2 14. tjwbass 15. Alessa 16. chanelgurl12 17. Aeris 18. Viasammi 19. starkguy 20. pookiepookiester 21. mercfan3 22. shivaoni 23. steve2013 24. Dandyyy 25. Grapo 26. richicaca 27. ApathyIsDeath 28. kelseyringette 29. lizz 30. nickprincipe13 31. Soreneraya 32. Zoob 33. LifeGivesUSigns. 34. samaraguimaraes 35. workingbee2k 36. Peggy@TJW_voi 37. nco 38. Idol Maniac 39. thekingwhocared
  17. We already know there are gonna be shockers. Local support and pimped backstories are huge advantages at this stage and can make up for lesser performances. Crossing fingers and toes. :shiver:
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