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Which Knockout elimination of S25 are you most bummed about?


Season 25 Knockouts  

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  1. 1. Which one upsets you the most?

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Lol im bummed out for different reasons


Frank was my favourite.


Alyssa was the most robbed, especially in contrast to her opponent.


Gene is the most disappointing.


I'll go with frank, just cause I was sort of prepared for Alyssa's elimination.



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I'd argue Frank, Dani, and Alyssa are the ones here that clearly defeated their opponents.

I guess I'll lean Alyssa because it was the best of the 3.

But Val and Nathan were so damn close (I'm kind of finally accepting Val's loss but w/e)

Gene did pretty okay, Zeya did as well. Ducote and Ashley weren't very memorable.


I'm giving this to Val I guess.

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I thought Val 100% should have won her KO. I also thought Ducote and Ashley both gave their best performances and could've been deserving of steals. I also thought that Dani and Zeya both beat the people they went up against.

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Dani, Frank and Alyssas were the most dissappointing ... mainly cause they did not falter one bit and actually outdid their competitors


Dani's is prob the worst due to the fact that her partner just flopped ... for the second time

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Val, Gene, Dani, Alyssa, and Frank were the most disappointing for me because they all deserved to be in the playoff. I enjoyed their knockouts quite a lot. It hurt a lot losing them in the knockout rounds. Gene and Val deserved to stay on John's team. Imagine  if John had Val, Gene, and Mafe/Nathan/Bryan top 3. That would have been super strong and would be similar to Parijita, Kim, and Omar top 3.

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