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Best Top 24 performance in Showcase Round

Best One  

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  1. 1. Guys

    • Jordan Anthony - Love in the Dark by Adele
    • Odell Bunton Jr. - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by Nina Simone
    • Blake Proehl - In My Blood by Shawn Mendes
    • Triston Harper - By Your Grace by Cody Johnson
    • Roman Collins - Come Together by The Beatles
    • Jack Blocker - You Should've Seen the Other Guy by Nathaniel Rateiff
    • Will Mosely - Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers
    • Ajii - Too Close by Alex Clare
    • Kayko - Gives You Hell by All-American Rejects
    • Quintavious - You Say by Lauren Daigle
    • Mackenzie Sol - With a Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles/ Jealous by Labrinth
  2. 2. Girls

    • Nya - Get Ready by The Temptations
    • KB Richins - Simple Man by Shinedown/ Shallow by Lady Gaga
    • McKenna Breinholt - Anyone by Demi Lovato
    • Mia Matthews - You Ain't Woman Enough by Loretta Lynn
    • Emmy Russell - More Hearts Than Mine by Ingrid Andress
    • Elleigh Marie - Golden Slumbers by The Beatles
    • Kennedy Reid - Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler
    • K-Blocks - River by Bishop Briggs
    • Abi Carter - If I Could Turn Back Time by Cher
    • Jayna Brown - It's All Coming Back To Me Now by Celine Dion
    • Hailey Mia - Alive by Sia
    • Jennifer Jeffries - Northern Attitude by Noah Kahan
    • Julia Gagnon - And I Am Telling You from Dreamgirls
  3. 3. Eliminated

    • Alyssa Raghu - I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor/Shallow by Lady Gaga
    • Ziggy Krassenberg - This Is Me from The Greatest Showman/Jealous by Labrinth

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For the guys:

1. Odell Bunton Jr. - Best male vocalist so far this season! He has a lot of soul and heart. His runs and high notes were so on point. That was everything! 

2. Will Mosely - He is by far the best male country vocalist this season. He has a lot of experience and is really smart with his song choices. He always delivers great performances. 

3. Mackenzie Sol - He slayed both songs tonight! I loved him on the second song the best, and he showed so much emotions and his runs were beautiful. 

4. Roman Collins - I loved the churchy vibes he brought to the song. That was honestly everything! He's got great stage presence, and I could see him going far if he picks smart song choices.

5. Ajii - He is so good! I wasn't crazy about the song choice for him, but he went all out and showed a lot of range. He did a great job with it.

6. Jordan Anthony - He did a great job with this song even though Hailey and Frank sang this song better than Jordan did. 

7. Triston Harper - He is very good. He is authentic, likable, and charming. He is also improving a lot and knows how to convey the lyrics. He also has all the goods to become successful after Idol. He could win the show if Minivan continues supporting him. 

8. Jack Blocker - He's really improving, and he was really good. I am still having problems with his facial expressions as it's still distracting, but at least he's taking our advice on that.

9. Blake Proehl - This was really boring honestly, and he is so dull. He is too much like Nick Fradiani. Why do I feel like he's gonna run away with the win?

10. Quintavious Johnson - Another singer we didn't hear at all. What a shame.

11. Kayko - We didn't hear him sing at all which makes me sad because he's really good.


For the girls:

1. Abi Carter - Best performance of the season in history that I have ever heard in my entire life honestly and her best performance of the season as well! I loved the song choice and that vocal of hers was everything. She did not sound sick at all. She sounded so flawless and perfect the whole performance. And she also hit the high notes as I expected. This is who she is as an artist. She can do no wrong. She's my number 1 favorite this season.

2. Julia Gagnon - Big song choice but it's the type of song Julia would go for since she is a powerhouse vocalist. She sang this in the original key and slayed that throughout. I threw my shoes and my wigs were snatched. Big standing Ovation from me. She was flawless through the whole performance. I loved all of it.

3. McKenna Breinholt - I love this song choice for McKenna! I thought that was my personal favorite performance from her so far. That was the first time I heard her belt and it sounded fantastic. I had to give her a standing Ovation for that. I felt every word she sang and felt the emotions. 

4. Emmy Russell - This was by far Emmy's best performance of the season. She was connected with the lyrics and sang with so much heart. I'm on board with her now. She's improving a lot.

5. Hailey Mia - I hate that this was montaged. She sounded amazing in those few seconds though which I really loved. 

6. Jayna Brown - She was incredible! I thought she gave her strongest vocal here. Loved that she is improving. Great song choice for her.

7. KB Richens - She did great with her first song, but she did better on the second song. I felt every word she was singing, and she sang it with so much emotions. That's how the song should be sung.

8. Nya - She ate that song up. I wanted it to be longer.

9. Mia Matthews - Great song for her and she made the song her own. Loved it.

10. K-Blocks - She is weird and fun in a good way. I enjoyed that. 

11. Jennifer Jeffries - She has a beautiful tone and I'm a fan. She still needs to enunciate more. 

12. Kennedy Reid - Same with Elleigh.

13. Elleigh Marie - We didn't hear her sing, so she stays here.


For the eliminations:

1. Ziggy Krassenberg - He slayed both songs and was robbed. I would have sent Kennedy home instead since she wasn't shown singing.

2. Alyssa Raghu - She was good on her first song, but she did better on the second song. She just wasn't as good as KB was though.

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Here’s my rankings of the girls:


1.  Jayna — she was the best of the girls.

2.  Abi — she started off slow, probably because of bronchitis, but she was still very good.
3.  Nya — she really put on a show!
4.  Julia — gets points off for an overdone song choice.
5.  Hailey — she did quite well with “Alive”.
6.  Emmy — this was her best performance yet.
7.  Mia — she was actually better than McKenna.
8.  K.B. — her first song wasn’t her best, but she beat Alyssa in the sing-off.
9.  McKenna — sadly, it wasn’t her best performance.
10.  K-Blocks — she was sassy but she’s too off-beat to get far.
11.  Jennifer — she has a unique tone but she needs more technique.
12.  Kennedy — I didn’t see her perform, but I think that she’s safe till the Top 20, so she goes here.
13.  Elleigh — I also didn’t see her and she is probably going to be among the first cuts, so she goes here.


Here’s my rankings of the guys:


1.  Odell — the best of the guys.
2.  Roman — he really did a great job with his song!
3.  Mackenzie — he was better than Ziggy overall.

4.  Triston — he did a very good job but he needs to sing non-country songs.

5.  Ajii — his voice was hoarse and it showed.
6.  Will — he did well but his voice is a tad grating for me.
7.  Jack — he’s improving but he still gets points off for his facial expressions.
8.  Jordan — Hailey did this song better.
9.  Blake — he did well but he needs more confidence.
10.  Kayko — we never heard him sing, so he has to go here.
11.  Quintavious — we also never heard him sing, so he goes here.

And here’s my rankings of the two eliminated in the show-off:


1.  Ziggy — We did his first song better, but he still did well with it.  And he was very good in the sing-off.
2.  Alyssa — she did very well but K.B. clearly beat her.

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  1. Odell - he killed it, great choice to do a song that starts slow and then opens up by the end
  2. Mackenzie - I wasn't expecting much based on the song choice but I enjoyed this! he showed more personality through his performance
  3. Will - I had to find a lower quality version of this but he showed a little more power and gruffness so I liked it more than his past performances
  4. Ajii - great song for him, wasn't his strongest since losing his voice but he definitely deserved to go through
  5. Jordan - why are we having this song again if Hailey just did it? He's a good vocalist but I thought the chorus was a little underwhelming tbh
  6. Jack - it was nice, maybe the song was just kinda low key for me
  7. Tristan - I thought this was a step down from his arena performance? I didn't feel his connection as much
  8. Blake - I'll commend him for taking on a bigger song, that was what I wanted him to do, but he was struggling
  9. Roman - he's doing too much, I didn't like this
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