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Favorite Performance of Idol Arena


Favorite Performances of Idol Arena?   

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  1. 1. Full Performances

    • Platinum Ticket Trio - Abi Carter, Julia Gagnon, Odell Bunton Jr.
    • Triston Harper
    • Emmy Russell
    • Jack Blocker
    • Kayko
    • Jennifer Jefferies
    • Mia Matthews
    • K-Blocks
    • McKenna Breinholt
    • Ajii
    • KB Richins
    • Will Moseley
    • Ziggy
  2. 2. Montages

  3. 3. Rejects

    • Abby Blake
    • Jacy Matthews
    • Madai Chakell
    • Camila Galavis
    • Isabella Mercier
    • Amanda Mograss

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Favorite full performances:


1. Platinum Ticket Trio - This was the best of the night for me. Odell has a big voice and lots of range. He knows how to do runs. Give me more of that! Julia has runs for days as well and she is fantastic and a beast. Abi is also incredible as always. She can sing anything really. I loved that they weren't outshining each other. She's got tone for days. I think she could win the whole thing. That was a Grammy Award Performance. I am throwing all my shoes and my wigs were snatched. 

2. McKenna Breinholt - Best solo performance of the night! One of my favorite Adele songs and she did it justice. That was flawless and emotional. Loved it.

3. KB Richens - I love her voice! Her style kinda reminds me of Marybeth Byrd in a way. Such an emotional and great song. I felt every word she was singing to me. It was from the heart.

4. Mia Matthews - Her tone is so wonderful! I love that she's improving a lot. This is one of my favorite Miranda Lambert songs of all time. She knows who she is as an artist.

5. Ajii - Best of the guys for me! He's top 10 material. He picked the right song at the right time. Great job man!

6. Will Moseley - He is really authentic and by far the best of the male country singers. Great song choice. Chris Stapleton songs are always perfect for someone like him. I think he's going to be a threat. 

7. Kayko - He is a very talented musician. He wrote another great song. I hope he goes far because that tone is amazing! 

8. K-Blocks - Who's this? She has a fantastic voice that reminds me of Amy Winehouse. She ate that song up. Great job.

9. Emmy Russell - She was a little green for me during her audition, but I think she improved a lot. Beautiful tone and loved her song. She doesn't need to show her range if she doesn't want to. Bob Dylan has no range, but he is widely popular with Minivan.

10. Ziggy - He has a beautiful tone and very unique. I loved what he did with this. I'm not sure if he would survive the voting rounds if he makes it that far though.

11. Triston Harper - He's got a solid tone and I think he's improving. He has all the goods to become successful. He's authentic and he's going to win with Minivan.

12. Jack Blocker - He has a great tone and he's improving, but his facial expressions are still too distracting. I can't connect if he keeps making funny faces. 

13. Jennifer Jeffries - She has a lovely voice, but she needs to enunciate more.


Favorite montages:


1. Hailey Mia - Best performance in the montages. She sounded so good, but I hated that this was montaged. 

2. Nya - She ate that! I felt like I was in church. She really does have a buttery voice.

3. Justice Murphy - Fantastic voice and loved this song choice. She slayed that. 

4. Quintavious Johnson - Pretty short but he sounded fantastic. The runs was so natural. Better than his audition as well. Loved that.

5. Mackenzie Sol - This was very passionate but too short. Hated this was montaged because he sounded really good.

6. Roman Collins - Great voice and has great runs but was oversinging the song too much.

7. Blake Proehl - He is kinda dull to me and this didn't sound good at all.

8. Kennedy Reid - Better than her audition honestly, but she came across as yelly for me. Something about her just feels kinda fake? 


Favorite rejects:


1. Abby Blake - She was not a standout, but she was the best of the night for the rejects. Better than her audition. I think she could have moved forward one more round. 

2. Jacy Matthews - I love her tone but her audition was better than this. I think nerves got the best of her. 

3. Amanda Mograss - She also forgot the words. She isn't ready either. 

4. Isabella Mercier - Better tone than Camila but still very nervous. She clearly isn't ready. 

5. Camila Galavis - She forgot the words to the song. Poor girl was nervous and she's having enunciation problems. 

6. Madai Chakell - Good riddance Villain Personality Queen. She was all over the place. Very pitchy throughout. She cannot sing at all and her attitude sucks.

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Fave full performance: Mckenna with KB, Kayko and Ajii right behind. Obviously the platinum trio was stellar too


Fave montage: Hailey Mia and Justice Murphy


Fave rejected: Abbey, she didnt sound bad tbh

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My favorite full routine is McKenna, although the Platinum Ticket trio was also superb.  They just didn’t have to sing for their survival.


My favorite montage is Hailey.


My favorite reject is Abby.  She was the best of them but just didn’t stand out.  My least favorite is Madai.  Adios, Madai.  You won’t be missed.

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  1. KB - best combination of vocals and emotion imo
  2. McKenna - this was also amazing but in this case I think KB outshined her just a little on song choice
  3. Platinum Ticket Trio - Abi ATE, Julia was great too. Odell is a great vocalist and his audition was my fave of the guys by a sizable margin, but I wasn't as connected with him this time
  4. Jennifer - whoa, she kinda came out of nowhere? great song and the "rawness" of her voice fit so well with the lyrics
  5. Triston - might not be my style, but this was really good tbh
  6. Ajii - liked him a lot, I feel like he's just on the verge of having a moment and not quite there yet
  7. Will - huh, I'm still not convinced? maybe his tone and vocal approach just isn't for me
  8. K-Blocks - I liked it, I think her voice just reminded me a little too much of Amy?
  9. Ziggy - he's a good vocalist but like his audition I thought this was too messy
  10. Jack - he was okay, but his facial expressions definitely didn't improve lol
  11. Kayko - I'm still not convinced [2]
  12. Mia - this song needs attitude and fierceness and I didn't get that from her performance
  13. Emmy - ehh
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From what I heard Hailey was my favorite of the montages with Nya behind. Roman's was really short but with all the oversinging and the facial expressions, I can't really take it seriously tbh.


I think they just wanted to separate Abby and Kayko tbh, I thought she did a nice job. Jacy was okay but I think the song choice was wrong, she doesn't have the power for it

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