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Canada's Drag Race - Season 4


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1 hour ago, Solaris said:

Didn't think we'd be getting a season this year as its so late in the year.  Will there even be time to crown a queen before January with it starting middle of November?


If I am calculating correctly, Dec 28th or January 4th? 

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4 hours ago, *Chris said:

If I am calculating correctly, Dec 28th or January 4th? 

Mine and Andrew’s assumption is that they’ll have the finale the same week as the US show premieres since that’s when interest in Drag Race peaks.

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Ranking Pre-Season:

  1. Kiki Coe: Girlll!  She killed it on Call Me Mother, she killed it on this runway before, and she will kill it this season!
  2. Denim: Another queen that I am very familiar with, and I think there's potential she's a front runner. Plus, Atlantic Canada represents ❤️ 
  3. Luna Dubois: Another queen that I am familiar with, and I am just so excited to see her slay this season.
  4. Aimee Yonce Shennel : I am familiar with Aimee's drag so I am ranking her here for this reason.
  5. Aurora Matrix: Her MTQ video absolutely sold me. 
  6. Sisi Superstar: My favourite MTQ tbh. 
  7. Nearah Nuff: I love her and hope she does well, but afraid that she might get lost in the shuffle?
  8. Melinda Verga: Very impressed by what we saw.
  9. Kitten Kaboodle: 57?!?! I never would have guesses. Anyway, I am excited but probably a first boot or something.
  10. The Girlfriend Experience: Love the name but just not sold yet... I feel it's very deja vu so I hope she proves me wrong, and she def. has front runner written all over it, especially considering Vancouver is probably due for a winner.
  11. Venus: Probably the only one that I am not sold on yet ? Just didn't really give us much about her drag style.
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It premiered tonight.  I really enjoyed the first episode.  The premiere ball was a smart idea and judging the entrance looks was fun.  I feel like I got a good feel of each queens drag aesthetic on the first night and normally it takes me awhile.


I love the diversity this season.  Multiple asian queens, Metis two spirited, trans woman, trans man, its part of what makes Canada such a great place to live.


1. Kiki - the only one who nailed all three category for me.  Her drag is big and I love it. Should have been lipsyncing in the Top 2 in my opinion.

2. Venus - so outside her first look which I hated, I thought she was great.  Shes a big personality, and had my favorite showgirl look of the night.  Loved her third look too.

3. Aurora - I am so interested in her drag.  I get it, I love it.

4. Denim - I don't think theres ever been anyone quite like Denim.  It feels a little Crystal Methyd-ish, and I can't wait to see more.

5. Aimee - still hate the drag name, but I loved her first and third looks.

6. TGE - heartbreaking story in the workroom.  Will wearing next to nothing get old quickly?  Probably, but with a body like that, go for it.  Very likable!

7.  Kitten - likeable, and a camp style drag.  Need to see more, sort of here by default this week.

8. Melinda - rough start, but I liked her gold look more then anything the 3 below her wore.

9. Luna - she's got polish, but with people like Kiki, Aurora and Aimee in the mix, she is not the fashion queen of the season.

10. Sissy - I get it the aesthetic, I just don't know if I love it.

11. Nearah - I love the drag name, but I didn't love any of her runways on night 1.

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Strong first episode, and love that we got to see a bit of everyone's drag...  Lots of potential from various queens.


  1. Kiki : Absolutely demolished the competition. 
  2. Aurora: In my top 2 of the week in terms of the looks.
  3. Venus : Look 2 & 3 were incredible, killed the lipsync... However, look #1 was super basic and not sure I would have given her a rosebud when Aurora and Kiki were there.
  4. Denim: Bias as I already know of Denim but she didn't dissapoint. Looking forward what she will offer...  PS: She's the drag sister of Pythia.
  5. Aimee: Aimee slayed and could have been in the Top 3 too.
  6. Kitten: Rooting for her, and she definitely have the charisma. 
  7. Girlfriend :  I still need more as she's giving very basic looks and relying too much on that body.
  8. Luna: I was expecting more from Luna especially from what I know of her. 
  9. Nearah: Potential but this week was not her week at all.
  10. Melinda: Not a fan of the looks nor the make-up.
  11. Sissy: She got super lucky. 
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The Gemstone runway was a pretty big serve. The challenge however was pretty terrible for like half the cast.


1. Kitten - stole the week, there was no one even close to her.  She looked great on the runway.  Are pastel pink wigs her thing?  She's worn like 3 of them now.

2. Venus - solid job in the challenge.  Her runway was my favorite of the night.  Absolutely stellar.  Venus is on fire so far in the competition.

3. Aurora - I thought Aurora could have been in the Top this week. 

4. Melinda - Bounced back nicely from last week.

5. Nearah - My second favorite runway of the night, and thats why she is this high.  Terrible performance in the challenge.

6. Kiki - Not here for her challenge performance, but that runway was beautiful.

7. Girlfriend - I started out liking her performance, before it nosedived.  Glad the beaver saved her.  Another top runway.

8. Aimee - existed

9. Denim - not the best week for Denim.

10. Luna - probably deserved to win the lipsync.  Her performance was terrible.  Her runway was also my least favorite of the week.

11. Sissy - yea, she deserved to leave.  Did her best in the lipsync.

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This episode was largely a miss for me.  Normally I like girl groups but a lot of these verses were bad.



1. Aurora - stole the week.  Comfortably the best verse, looked great in the challenge and on the runway.  

2. Denim - strong verse, and probably my favorite runway.

3. Venus - solid week all around.  The flasher runway with sunglasses was hella creative.

4. Aimee - I didn't understand a damn thing she was singing about.  However the beat was good, and it sounded good.  The only redeeming performance from her group.

5. Nearah - average week.

6. Luna - worst of her group, but the runway saved her from being in the bottom.

7. Kiki - she deserved her bottom placement, but that runway was stunning.

8. Kitten - I would have saved her for the look, but she's up here for decisively winning that lipsync.

9.  Melinda  - not a great week, probably should have been lipsyncing.

10. Girlfriend - she forgot her words not only in the challenge, but also in the final lipsync.  Rough way to go out.

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I am with Sola that this week was a big miss - both on the runway and the challenge, in my opinion. 


This is my ranking overall, not based on just this week:


  1. Venus: I love her.  Giving me front-runner energy.
  2. Denim: One of the most consistent queen, so far.
  3. Kitten:  Bad week but how can one not love her ? She really surprised me in the lipsync.
  4. Aurora : I do think her runway look was overrated by the judges but easily the best in her group. So far, I'm loving what I am seeing from her.
  5. Kiki: I absolutely love Kiki and I think she might get her win, next week. This week was not it and she struggled in the previous challenge, but still love her.
  6. Aimee: Glad that she got the praise that she deserves. 
  7. Nearah : Not doing enough for me to remember her.
  8. Luna: Had high hopes but she's not living it up for me.
  9. Melinda : She's fun but I still need her to work on that mug. 
  10. Girlfriend: Major disappointment. 
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