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Who sung it best: Poll Edition (goodbye yellow brick road, gravity, this woman's work)


Who sung it best  

29 members have voted

  1. 1. Arcade

  2. 2. Goodbye Yellow brick road

  3. 3. This woman's work

    • Deejay Young
    • Lucas Holliday
    • Kevin Hawkins

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Yeah, ik we already did this but saw that most people seemed split in the OG thread and wanted to put it to a vote. 


Goodbye Yellow brick road covers


Emily Keener


Mara Justine


Sarah Grace


Alexa Cappelli



This woman's work covers


Deejay Young


Lucas Holliday


Kevin Hawkins



Arcade Covers


Corey Ward


Hailey Mia


Joslynn Rose


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  • Hsamid changed the title to Who sung it best: Poll Edition (goodbye yellow brick road, gravity, this woman's work)

1. Hailey Mia’s voice sounded so much more developed than Joslynn’s despite being three years younger. Crazy. 


2. Sarah Grace ate up that performance! So underrated and I just know she isn’t going to get a lot of votes.


3. Deejay Young by a good margin. It’s insane how effortless he makes those register switches seem.

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Wow me and floorwax basically have the opposite view on this. I thought Joslynn's performance sounded more dynamic to me. She sold the softness of the song in the beginning similarly to the original with her slight transitions to headvoice and back then back to her chest register.


Her lows were actually decent as well (sounded like she went lower than Hailey) and there was a bit of depth to it as well, again, a bit closer to the original. I will say the belts sounded really raw and it's probably the one thing I'll give Hailey the edge in. But I also thought the rawness, especially in contrast to how gently she caressed other parts of the song, added to the performance imo.


Hailey sang in chest voice the entire time and seemed to only utilize her mid range and belts. It didn't really have the nuance and range of the original or even Joslynn's version, was very much a straightforward approach like how someone younger would sing it. Still a solid performance nonetheless, but listening to both back to back kinda solidified my preference for Joslynn's when before I thought they were even.


As for the other covers, Deejay was the most effortless and I kinda appreciate him not just singing it traditionally even though it was a bit much with those high mixed and falsetto belts. Also, his headvoice runs? Melodically pretty different from the original but they sounded gorgeous, especially the one at 0:58.


Everyone did great on yellow brick road, but it's between Mara and Emily for me and you'd need a gun to my head to pick one or the other.

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