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Chevel Shepherd vs Danielle Bradbery


Who do you prefer  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. Who Gave your favourite individual performance of the two? (Name the performance)

  2. 2. Who's overall run did you enjoy more?

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All else being equal I’ll like, 9 times out of 10 go for the voice with more character. Voices like Danielle’s tend to bore me unless they make up for it in other ways (song choice, showiness). Danielle was consistent but that’s not enough for me.


This is just a personal preference btw not a judgment on talent, it makes perfect sense why someone would choose Danielle.

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I think Chevel’s Space Cowboy is my overall favorite but Danielle has a lot of close ones behind (Heads Carolina, Wasted, Who I Am) so she had a better overall run in my opinion

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Interesting results.


Picked Chevel for both.


I thought Chevel was more consistent from start to finish. Danielle took a bit to hit her stride but in fairness to her she was also in a longer season. 

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