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Favorite Knockouts: Team Kelly / Team Niall

Hamza Tufail

Choose your favorites  

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  1. 1. Team Kelly

    • ALI - Best Part
    • Marcos Covos - Jesus, Take The Wheel
    • Cait Martin - All The Man That I Need
    • Kala Banham - Iris
    • Holly Brand - Blue Moon If Kentucky
    • Rachel Christine - Rhiannon
  2. 2. Team Niall

    • Gina Miles - Somebody That I Used To Know
    • Kate Cosentino - Call Me
    • Micah B. - When You're Gone
    • EJ Michaels - Trip Switch
    • Ross Clayton - Dirty Work
    • Jerome Godwin lll - Someone You Loved

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I went with Holly and Ross


I enjoyed Team Kelly for the most part, aside from Marcos, and Team Niall didn’t have many performances that stuck out too much.

My Top 3 from this group would be Holly, Cait and Kala

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Cait had my favorite performance on Kelly's team so far in the knockouts along with Holly. I also enjoyed Kala, ALI, and Rachel too. And for Niall's team I loved Gina's knockout the best. 

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