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Who won the battle?: S17 Edition


Who won these battles in your opinion?  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. “The Boy Is Mine”

  2. 2. “Valerie”

  3. 3. “Turn Your Lights Down Low”

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Just now, Cookie73 said:

Khalea, Ricky and Royce


I guess in general I like Khalea’s tone more than Zoe’s


FTR I voted for Khalea too, I rewatched it and she just has that polish to her despite Zoe attempting more vocally. I just didn’t think she would be losing unanimously so far.

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Khalea vs Zoe

I think John kinda did Zoe a disservice with this pairing, she was very good, but to me Khalea's experience really stood out here. She was serving vocals but also attitude, presence... her "I don't know what he promised you, I just wanna be honest boo" was probably my single favorite moment of the battle lol


Ricky vs Marina

I think the arrangement was a better fit for Ricky, although Marina did her thing with it. I just wasn't the biggest fan of her voice, her KO was very good though.


Royce vs Kiara

I can see why this is the closest one, Kiara has a really nice tone, I'd probably rather listen to her outside of the show. But on that song, it was a better fit for Royce and it showed, Kiara tried to get there but it sounded strained and not entirely pleasant.

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