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Highly Underrated "American Idol" Performances


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I'm mainly creating this topic because I'd love to hear about AI performances that y'all think are at or near the "All-time best" level but aren't talked about as much as others. I'm reasonably well-acquainted with some of the all-time bests, but I'm curious to hear other thoughts.

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The performances listed below are performances that I think stand up with the level of talent from their retrospective season.

Pretty much anything that Syesha did was underrated but “A Change is Gonna Come” was the single best performance that season.


Dennis Lorenzo - Can You Feel the Love Tonight


Catie Turner - Once Upon a Dream

Michael J. Woodward - Beauty and the Beast

Dimitrius Graham - Love Someone


Cassandra Coleman - Writing’s on the Wall

Beane - Grow as We Go

Alyssa Wray - I’m Here



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Great thread 🙂 Here are some underrated performances in my book that I keep coming back to - mostly from Season 7 onwards since that was my first season watching the show.




















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