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The Challenge: World Championship (Premieres 3/8)


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I've been very curious about the cast and decided not to spoil myself because I thought it would be all champions and it might spoil Ride or Dies and the International shows but clearly that is not the case :dead:


According the article a "Challenge legend" will pair up with a "Global MVP"


Challenge Legends:

Amber Borzotra
Darrell Taylor
Jodi Weatherton
Johnny “Bananas” DeVenanzio
Jonna Stephens
Jordan Wiseley
Kaycee Clark
KellyAnne Judd
Nelson Thomas
Nia Moore
Theo Campbell
Tori Deal
Wes Bergmann
Yes Duffy


Global MVPs:

Ben Driebergen (The Challenge: USA)
Danny McCray (The Challenge: USA)
Justine Ndiba (The Challenge: USA)
Sarah Lacina (The Challenge: USA)
Emily Seebohm (The Challenge: Australia)
Grant Crapp (The Challenge: Australia)
Kiki Morris (The Challenge: Australia)
Troy Cullen (The Challenge: Australia)


I guess they're hiding the UK and Argentina cast until they air in the official cast releases. All of the International shows will be coming to Paramount+ soon! USA and Australia are both streaming today (highly recommend Australia if you haven't checked it out). UK will be coming Feb. 24 and Argentina (hopefully with English subtitles lol) will be coming Apr 5 (soooooo after the Worldwide Championship airs, what a mess :dead:)

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From the global side pretty disappointed with the lists. Obviously Danny, Sarah, Troy, and Kiki won so they're on. Loved Kiki on the Aussie show so I'm excited for her. Troy and Danny were both fine but rather boring. Sarah obviously sucks. Emily & Justine are both exciting MVP choices for their countries. Emily is such a competitor and brought so much drama and Justine is really likable. I can do without Grant and ESPECIALLY without Ben. I can't believe I'm watching another show with him WHY CAN'T I GET AWAY FROM THAT AWFUL MAN :dead:


The legends side is pretty exciting, some really shocking names there. Jodi?! KellyAnne?! Nia?! THEO?! Can't believe Theo is finally making his comeback! Really odd choice to bring him back here, but I'm here for it. Lol @ some of the names like Nelson and Nia though. The names that immediately jump out that I'm rooting for are Amber, Darrell, Jonna, KellyAnne, Theo, and Yes. Open to maybe being into Jodi, Nelson, and Wes this season. A lot of this comes down to the partners as well though.

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12 hours ago, QueenKalie said:

It's hard to defend Nelson but he's at least kinda entertaining where Kaycee is just a bump on a log.

I don’t think anyone believes that Nelson is a legend because of his Challenge record but he’s a fighter and that’s something I think makes him a legend in his own right. Especially when you look how he’s constantly screwed over but he never ever gives up. That’s why the people want him back! ❤️ I will defend this man until the day I die. :wub:

Kaycee needs to retire from the show or at least do something on social media that gets her kicked off. I’m manifesting the latter! Unfortunately, she just doesn’t have any personality at all so I don’t see it happening. :closedeyes:

Tori is another one I’m surprised with. She hasn’t been likeable the last couple of seasons and the current season really wrote her off for me. She’s unbearable and I’m shocked that they cast her next to people like Amanda, Cara, Laurel and Jenna. I’d even throw Melissa Reeves in there too because she’s made more of an impact in her three seasons than Tori has on seven. 

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The first two episodes just premiered today! Overall, I enjoyed them. Watching them compete, you can see just how strong this cast is. It feels like the Argentinians are token layups, but I blame the language barrier more than their competitiveness. Which is a shame because I really like their energy, but especially since they didn't get well connected vets, I can totally imagine seeing them all leave right off the bat.


Here's my thoughts on each team:

Jonna & Grant - Definitely the team to beat right off the bat with Grant winning the first two dailies and Jonna being the reigning 2-time All-Star champ and also winning her first daily with Grant. I didn't really like Grant on the Aus show, but I'm finding myself rooting for the Aus team here so I'm hoping they do well!

Wes & Zara - Meh. I'm a little bit over Wes and Zara was pretty forgettable on the UK show. They're definitely a strong team it'd be fun to see them face some adversity.

Kaycee & Ben - Kill it with fire! The two worst castmates paired up together, I need them gone ASAP.

Jordan & Kaz - I feel pretty similar to Wes & Zara. Definitely a strong team, but I'm pretty bored of Jordan and Kaz gave me nothing on the UK show really.

Tori & Danny - Normally I wouldn't be excited for this team, but based on the promo at the end of the first episode it seems like they are not getting along and they could bring some drama. So based solely on that, I'm kinda excited for them.

Bananas & Justine - Ugh why did Justine have to get stuck with Bananas :broken:. I just refuse to ever root for Bananas success so I'm automatically rooting against them lol.

Jodi & Benja - Lol @ Benja choosing Jodi because she didn't want to be with him :dead:. I'm rooting for all the Argentina people because they're automatically the underdogs. I've never been a huge Jodi fan, she's pretty boring, but this cast is lacking in likable legends so Imma root for them.

Darrell & Kiki - Love this team! Loved Kiki on the Aus show and Darrell is definitely one of the more likable legends. Kiki showed out in that first elimination and I really hope they can do well this season!

Nia & Rodrigo - They'll probably do better than the other Argentinian teams with Jordan protecting Nia. I mean we saw it pretty quickly how Jodi & Benja randomly got more votes than Nia & Rodrigo despite finishing the daily before them. I've enjoyed Nia's growth, but I also worry she's not as interesting nowadays. We'll see...

Yes & Emily - Another pair I love! I know Yes is gonna be on Wes and Bananas asses and Emily gave us so much drama on the Aus show. Potentially my favorite team? Love them!

Amber & Troy - Troy's boring, but harmless. I've gotta root for Amber and the other Aussie peeps so I'm definitely rooting for this team!

Theo & Sarah - I think I might be rooting for them :ph34rwave:. I know I'm a loud and proud Sarah hater, but I enjoyed her a bit more on The Challenge and Survivor. Bitch is messy! I couldn't believe how she flipped that first vote off the Argentinians and onto Kiki and Kaz! I'm also excited to see Theo back and I just think this team is gonna be messy and good to watch!

KellyAnne & Tristan - Lmao I always forget how messy KellyAnne is until we see her again :dead:. She was definitely one of the most dramatic parts of AS3 and she's already bringing the mess to this show. I really hope we can get at least a few episodes from her (but she also better leave Jonna alone :kissbye:). Hopefully Tristan can pick up the slack a bit lol.

Nelson & Jujuy - Meh I'll be fine losing them, especially if they're against KellyAnne & Tristan. Jujuy seems sweet enough and Nelson's more likable than half the legend men, but we've gotten a lot of Nelson lately and I'm fine with an early boot season from him if they do lose this elimination.


Pretty shocked to see Nathan disappear. He did well in the qualifier, I think he could've added a lot of personality to this male cast. It was a shame to lose him so unexpectedly. I liked Claudia too so I was sad to lose her, but I was definitely rooting for Kiki in that elimination.

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I enjoyed the first two episodes. :yes: It’s nice to see some new faces but it’s annoying seeing some of the returning ones too. 

Sad to see Nathan go so quickly. He was one of the strongest guys this season and we don’t see queer male players often enough on the show. Definitely a big loss!


Jonna & Grant - I like both but I have a feeling they could be pretty boring and vanilla the longer they stay.

Zara & Wes - Zara is my favourite girl this season but she’s paired with my least favourite male. Why?! 😭

Kaycee & Ben - To quote Alex: “Kill it with fire” 🔥

Kaz & Jordan - Kaz is so boring but I like Jordan so I’m being open minded at this point. Jordan is a good partner for anyone.

Tori & Danny - I don’t think I can take another season of Tori Deal. 
Justine & Bananas - I don’t dislike Bananas like most other people but I also don’t really enjoy him. They can both go whenever.

Jodi & Benja - I like Jodi.

Kiki & Darrell - YES PLEASE! I love both of them and could watch Darrell win every season because he’s that guy. I wouldn’t get bored.

Nia & Rodrigo - Was Nia even shown in the first two episodes? I don’t remember her. Rodrigo was alright.

Yes & Emily - Emily got a fair few confessionals throughout the first episodes and I enjoyed her. Yes is a lovely guy so I can see myself liking them together.

Amber & Troy - I love Amber and really hope she gets a fair shot this season. Troy seems like a nice guy but are they too nice? We’ve seen Amber be the nice girl before and it always lands her in elimination. 
Sarah & Theo - I loooooooove Theo and I like Sarah so they are amongst my favourite teams this season. 
KellyAnne & Tristan - I love both but KellyAnne is definitely going to land them some enemies. :rofl:
JuJuy & Nelson - I can’t have Nelson leave first this season. I’m manifesting someone breaking an ankle or a champagne cork flying at them. 

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I watched the first two episodes. They were fun and really enjoyable. Gosh there's so many new faces/people I don't know as I haven't watched the UK, Australia or Argentina versions of the show but I'm excited to see them and getting to know them through here!

LOL I am too lazy to jot down thoughts on all of the teams but I do agree with a lot of thoughts from Alex and Zoey posted above. :haha: I'll post some thoughts.

- Jonna & Grant and Zara & Wes definitely look like some very dominant teams.
- Like what's been said here, I'm not really feeling Kaycee & Ben as a pairing. Probably my least favorite of the teams?
- I am really liking Kiki & Darrell and hoping they do well. I've always been a fan of Darrell's and Kiki slayed that elimination so I am hoping they can do well.
- Ugh I'm kinda bummed that Justine got paired with Bananas but I get it. He's a legend with lots of experience so I'm hoping they can do well and work well together. I do wish she would have paired up with Wes or Jordan as I always liked them more.
- LOL Also like Alex said, I always forget how messy KellyAnne is until seeing her on these shows. Oh myy. :dead: I'm hoping she & Tristan can underdog stay a little longer than I'm expecting.

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5 hours ago, Alex95 said:

I'm assuming you're talking about this lol


So scary! Thank God he's alive!



I was on my phone and didn’t know how to embed the post. I hope this doesn’t end his Challenge experience for the future but those injuries look gnarly.

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I cannot believe Jonna threw KellyAnne in after making that promise to her! I am so here for the drama, but I'm definitely Team KellyAnne here that was an insane move lmao. I feel like Jonna's getting a bit cocky after her two wins, which is kinda exciting. I'm really enjoying Jonna's character evolution across this show. Glad both ladies are still around and the storyline can continue!


Tough to lose Nelson, especially after the news that came out about him. This might be the last time we see him for a while. I was definitely rooting for KellyAnne & Tristan in that elimination, but it was still a tough loss.


I don't know how I feel about the current structure of the episodes, doing daily and elimination in separate episodes. I don't mind it for now since the season is still fresh, but this season's gonna be looooooong if that's the format the whole time. It's good that we get more house drama, but as the numbers dwindle hopefully we get back to daily & elimination in the same episode. Or drop both episodes at the same time.

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Aww just saw the Nelson news on his car accident. 😢 That's so terrible and scary but so glad he made it through and is alive of course.

Just watched the latest episode. Ah wow that was someee drama between Jonna & KellyAnne. I was loving that they came up with a deal and was hoping that would go through. So I was disappointed Jonna put KellyAnne in the elimination. :( I get how the majority of the cast wanted that. Ugh that's a terrible bridge to burn. KellyAnne does not hold back when she's betrayed.... but yeah looking forward to more of their drama.

I'm happy for KellyAnne & Tristan on winning the elimination. I felt bad for Nelson & Jujuy, but ooof their performance was terrible to watch. But now I'm sadder about their elimination after the Nelson news I just saw. :(

And I also agree with Alex's comments regarding the episode structure. I was just thinking it was maybe a one or two time thing of the daily challenge and the elimination challenge being on different episodes. I really hope that won't be the case for the episodes going forward because that will make the season drag. I always like having the daily and eliminations on the same episode.

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14 hours ago, Alex95 said:

Get his ass Georgia!

I need to watch this tonight. I completely forgot it aired this week and didn’t record it. :mellow:

I love how low-key and mature Georgia has been about the situation. She didn’t start interfering with other women going through the same thing to make money off of them like many would and has kept her composure through every interview. I’ve always love her since her very first television show, The Only Way is Essex (back when it was gold) and it’s nice to see her not strive to be on every reality show and be the Chloe Ferry or Joey Essex of British television.


I hope this puts her in line for some sort of docu-series around the issue or a well awaited return to The Challenge. :ph34rwave:

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50 minutes ago, Zoey said:

I hope this puts her in line for some sort of docu-series around the issue or a well awaited return to The Challenge. :ph34rwave:

I figured she might not want to return since going back to The Challenge might be A Lot since that was where she spent the most time with Bear, but apparently she and Theo were in the running for Rides or Dies and got cut. The producers wanted Kaycee & Kenny over Theo & Georgia??? Give me a break!

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Very frustrating to see all the MVPs get tied down by the "legends". The first episode was so fun watching Sarah masterfully flip the vote onto Kiki & Kaz. Watching literally the same two teams get voted into elimination two episodes in a row is LAME. If KellyAnne & Tristan and Jodi & Benja get voted in for a third week in a row next week I'll really be pissed. I think the MVPs will continue to push back though. I have hope in these MVPs! The UK girls are kinda lame tbh but I've got hope in US, Aus, and Benja & Tristan.


The challenges were fun though. Really loved the daily and the elimination at least felt fresh (would've been such an easy time to send Jordan home lmao). Jodi and Danny were definitely the stars of the episode. I'm glad to see Danny not back down from Bananas. And Jodi telling Tori she's voting Jordan in because that will hurt her more than voting her in was so :dead:.


This season has potential. I'm glad we're back on daily & elimination in the same episode. We just need these MVPs to take over.

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20 hours ago, Alex95 said:

I figured she might not want to return since going back to The Challenge might be A Lot since that was where she spent the most time with Bear, but apparently she and Theo were in the running for Rides or Dies and got cut. The producers wanted Kaycee & Kenny over Theo & Georgia??? Give me a break!

I honestly believe that something has previously happened in The Challenge house that Kaycee knows about and she has a hold over the casting team. What other reason could there possibly be to continue to cast her and have her bring in an even more boring sibling?


Was Kaycee this boring on Big Brother?

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