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Which performance is better: S7 edition


Which performance from Season 7 is your favorite?  

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    • Chris Jamison - When I Was Your Man
    • Matt McAndrew - Take Me To Church

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I was thinking in making this one days ago, but i wasn't sure since Matt is probably gonna be hard to beat. However, someone suggested it and i decided to go for it. 


Take in account that Matt had a montaged knockout, so this one was probably his actual "breakout moment" ("God Only Knows" was great but i think this one had more impact). While Chris went from being in the bottom 4 the week before, to jump to the Top 3 with this performance.


Chris Jamison - When I Was Your Man


Matt McAndrew - Take Me To Church 


Let's go


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I also think Matt will win, but I thought of this because even though the popular favorite may be Matt, I have no hesitation in picking Chris. I think he was the best vocalist that season, aside from maybe DaNica but I would argue that Chris was more consistent. Also, he had star power. He would've fit perfectly in the male pop star realm, if only Voice contestants actually got popular after the show.


And yeah, not Matt's best performance. I personally prefer Wé's version.

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6 minutes ago, Hamza Tufail said:

I love Matt more, but I think Chris J was better here.


If it was Blower's Daughter, I'd have picked Matt.


Oh yeah, that one was great. I thought people might choose TMTC more because it's a familiar song. But to me, the fact that I didn't know Blower's Daughter made his version more special.

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Chris (C-) — this only earns a passing grade by merit of his falsetto. Otherwise, he was shaky and not great. Not sure why this is one of the top performances of the season? And beats me how he was in the top 3 when vocal beasts like Omar, Justin, and Kim can’t make it there.


Matt (B+) — can’t bring myself to give this an A-tier grade when I heard his throat gurgling with that last line. Ew. Anyway, this was an overall strong performance but to me doesn’t contend with some of the best performances I’ve heard on the show.

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