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Best KO Steals from Blake


Knockout Steals  

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  1. 1. Knockout Steals s5-21

    • Cole Vosbury
    • Craig Wayne Boyd
    • Hannah Kirby
    • Morgan Frazier
    • Joe Maye
    • Jason Warrior
    • Aaliyah Rose
    • Chloe Kohanski
    • Gary Edwards
    • Natasia Greycloud
    • Kendra Checkettes
    • Gracee Shriver
    • Joanna Serenko
    • Sid Kingsley
    • Anna Grace/ Paris Winningham

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1. Chloe mk 

2. Cole Vosbury

3. Sid Kingsley 

4. Anna Grace: unpopular but the amount of emotion she poured on this one was unmatchable, no surprises there because she LIVED that song.  

5. Natalia GreyCloud: her tone here was a real pleasure to my ears. Also, hey, she managed to survive despite being against Kymberli AND Zaxai. That's something

6. Kendra Checkettes: extra credit because this was live. She took a generic song and still showed all her vocal potential with it. 

7. Paris Winningham: Unpopular placement, probably. Powerful rendition, but his voice and style are not my cup of tea. With that said, i can't put him any lower 

8. Craig Wayne Boyd: Powerful. Now a fan, but i admit he is one of the best male country vocalists in the history of the show. 

9. Gracee Shriver: i liked her tone. Good performance 

10. Morgan Frazier: powerful, definitely deserved a steal.  

11. Jason Warrior: Controversies aside, this was really good 

12. Hannah Kirby: she is talented, but i can't stand her tone, sorry. 

13. Joe Maye: i liked his audition, but, how bad you have to be to lose against Kata Hay?? 

14. Gary Edwards: i don't even remember him 😬 

15. Aaliyah Rose: don't remember her either, but i remember watching her knockout at the time and thinking that it didn't deserve a steal by any means, so i'll stand by that





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CWB, Chloe, and Paris were the best. After Landslide many people expected Chloe to be in the finale but I don't think anyone expected CWB and Paris to reach finale after their KOs. It's tight between these two but I went with CWB since he ended up winning.

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