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Gymani Farewell Thread


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Gymani had a very solid run on the show, and I can’t really say anything negative about her run. She made a great first impression when she sang POV and got a Four Chair Turn. It was funny to see the reactions to her picking Kelly over Ariana. She had decent battle and knockout performances that helped her make the Lives. I saw five performances from her, and I don’t think any of them were bad. Her playoff was very solid, on a team that was very good, and deserved to make T13. She has good performances in T13 and T11, and had a great Instant Save the first time and did what she could the second time. It was sad to see that the show wanted her gone, since I didn’t. I rooted for her in both saves, continuing my streak of wanting a Team Kelly artist to win the Instant Save dating back to S19. Gymani joins artists such as Janice, Sharane and Myracle in Top 11 Victims Club, since their eliminations all made me sad. In a season with many performers in the Top 10 that I like, her elimination saddened me more than I thought it would.

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A lot of controversial takes regarding her elimination but I thoroughly enjoyed her entire run and it's a shame she had to leave so soon. I thought she was one of the most consistent ones this season and she absolutely deserves success. That enthusiasm and that RASP is gonna get her far ❤️


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