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S21 Contestants Audition vs KO


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I’m probably going to add battles in here because it is necessary for some


Jonathan- Battle > Audition > Knockout

Wendy- Knockout > Battle > Audition

Katie- Knockout > Battle > Audition

Raquel- Knockout > Battle > Audition

Gymani- Audition > Battle > Knockout

Kinsey- Battle > Audition > Knockout

Joshua- Knockout > Audition > Battle
Sabrina- Battle > Knockout > Audition

Hailey- Knockout > Audition > Battle

LiBianca- Knockout > Audition > Battle

Holly- Audition > Knockout > Battle

GNT- Knockout > Battle > Audition

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Episode 2

Samuel- Audition > Knockout > Battle
Brittany- Audition > Battle > Knockout

Hailey- Knockout > Audition > Battle

TCS- Battle > Audition > Knockout

Ryleigh- Battle > Knockout > Audition

David- Knockout > Audition > Battle

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