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Rei and SYTYCD (Currently on CA2)


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CA Season 2


Week 7 - Top 8 Eliminations



Top 8 Group Routine - Broadway - C'mon Everybody - Tyce Diorio

Too much stuff happening at once, oh this was Tyce's, it makes sense now.


Bottom 4





How the hell was not Emanuel in the bottom this week????


Bottom 4 Solos

Kim - Hip hop - Bottle Pop

Ugh why is Kim so good?

Melanie - Contemporary - Elephant in the room

Pretty solo from Melanie

Cody - Hip Hop - Last time

It was arguably his worst solo so far

Everett - Tap - When the night feels my song

I enjoyed this a lot






Kim - Ugh I love Kim so much. Sucks she left at top 8 as I think she had a better run than Melanie and TJ at that point. JR and Melanie crying over her eliminations 😢. Don't worry queens, you will remained friends for the years to come. Please accept me in your group, tyvm.


Cody - From that bottom he was the right person to leave. I still prefer him than Emanuel 



Solos Rankings

1. Kim - Hip hop - Bottle Pop

2. Everett - Tap - When the night feels my song

3. Melanie - Contemporary - Elephant in the room

4. Cody - Hip Hop - Last time

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SYTYCD 17 - Episode 1 Thoughts


Konnor - He did fine but after 16 seasons, it is hard for a contemporary guy to really impress me. He has definitely potential and he seems like a sure bet to make the Top 10 or 20, I don't know what we will have this year.


Samuel - He was definitely fun but just not at the level needed. I was surprised that the judges advanced him.


Blake - Andrelliott fave alert just went on 


Jordan - Not enough shown to give a fair opinion, but it didn't look that exciting


Rachel - Hope to see more from her


Jerome - He looked good


Anna - Great dancing and interesting style. She gave me some Anneke vibes there which is always good. Best one so far.


Anastasiia - She is beautiful but the dancers wasn't good. Her stuff with tWitch was much better


Dakota & Misha - They were great. Misha was stronger on my eyes so I don't see what they judges were saying. I like them both woudd have advanced both


Maci - Sad story but glad to see she's doing well. She was great and reminded a bit of Kaylee from S14.



Anna was definitely my favorite

Not enough Kat

Mr. Shue has an annoying face


see you next week!







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