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Controversial KO Decisions (That resulted in eliminations for the losers) (Pt 3)


Controversial KO Decisions (That resulted in eliminations for the losers) (Pt 3)  

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  1. 1. Damien (Winner) vs Toia Jones (Eliminated)

    • Damien - How Do I Live
    • Toia Jones - Crazy in Love
  2. 2. Taylor John Williams (Winner) vs Troy Ritchie (Eliminated)

    • Taylor John Williams - Mad World
    • Troy Ritchie - Hey Ya!
  3. 3. James Wolpert (Winner) vs Juhi (Eliminated)

    • James Wolpert - More than a Feeling
    • Juhi - I Heard it Through the Grapevine

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1. Toia Jones - Straight up watched them again just yesterday lol. Damien was obviously fine, but this began his trajectory as one of the least interesting contestants to make the finale in all 20 seasons. Toia ATE and deserved the win here solely based on the performance.

2. Troy Ritchie - TJW's success on the show was so confusing. Stale performance in battles, stale performance in KO's. Troy 100% won this and I refuse to hear any other argument. Also Troy released a song today so go listen :haha: ~Celebrate For Nothing~

3. Juhi - I don't think either of them nailed it here, and I do love James - but he bombed. Way too big of a song for him. Juhi was at least consistent so I guess I would've picked her here.

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Damien’s not even a bad vocalist, but Toia absolutely nailed that KO and should’ve won, but didn’t since Damien was an Adam favorite (and Team Adam was one of the stronger S7 teams, if not the strongest).


Though TJW paid off long-term since he was the last man standing on Team Gwen, Troy would’ve been more fun to watch in the lives + his KO has the better staying power of the two in this matchup.


I voted for Juhi here since James picked a song too big for him (and he later admitted he wasn’t all that proud of his KO performance), but James not winning means losing out on his playoffs cover of A Case of You, which remains an absolute masterpiece almost eight years later.

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1. It worked out well for Damien, and he seems like a nice, easy to root for dude. But Toia did kill it. I think she took it.


2. Troy, 100%. I actually liked TJW ("Royals" was one of the best moments of S7 in my opinion), but Troy killed him here, with a upbeat song to say the least.


3. I love James a ton, but this song was way too big for him (Nobody should attempt it, really). I think Juhi won this particular round, but at the end of the day, thanks to Adam´s trust, we got "A Case of You" a round later, so I don´t know.

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