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End of Blinds: Strongest Team Going into Battles


End of Blinds: Strongest Team Going into Battles  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. Strongest Team:

    • Team Kelly/Kelsea
    • Team Legend
    • Team Nick
    • Team Blake
  2. 2. Weakest Team:

    • Team Kelly/Kelsea
    • Team Legend
    • Team Nick
    • Team Blake

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Kelly >>>> the guys.


Kelly’s got the strongest vocally (as the only coach with multiple four-chair turns) and voting potential wise (Kenzie, Gihanna, and Corey in particular).


Nick has several artists with potential (Rachel, Andrew, and Bradley) as well as vocalists who are ready to go (Zae and Dana) if they make it to the voting rounds. It’s an interesting mix and he has probably my favorite mix of artists overall, but I don’t think it’s got the same vote pull as Kelly.


John’s team is pop and R&B heavy (as expected) with several very strong vocalists (Victor and Zania especially) and more who could do well in later rounds, but it’s the weakest team John has put together and is his first without a four-chair turn. That said, he has the clearest line to me between artists with voting potential and those that may have an uphill battle to get the votes.


Blake’s team is a Team Sausage stan’s dream - all but two of the artists are men and both of the women are decent but not quite as strong as their male teammates. Though he has a number of artists with potential to do well votes-wise, vocally only a few of them interest me enough to want to re-watch or stream performances again after they air. We’ll see if this shifts through the rest of the competition.

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