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Wyatt Pike Fan Thread


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~ Welcome to the wonderful world of Wyatt ~


Official Site: www.wyattpike.com

"Brand New Boy" Debut EP: https://ffm.to/brandnewboy 



If you'd like to be added, just let me know. I'll keep adding your names as we go along 😃


1) jazzontherocks

2) jamescasaki 

3) KelseyW

4) Tiger_8

5) Elliott

6) Niki

7) 1234567890




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Wyatt just posted his cover of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" on his instagram. Apparently he has this regular session called Bits of Tunes where he does short cover songs lol ⭐




Also, his new original song "Diana" will be out on March 26.

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Not sure if they'll be singing solos and then duets or just duets, but I believe we'll get 2 performances from each contestant yes. Wyatt could be a dark horse, and I think if he has a more emotional connection with the audiences he could last a while if not longer. 

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