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Successful Hollywood Contestants


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Who are contestants who were cut before the live shows/voting rounds that ended up being successful?


Here are some I can think of


Tori Kelly (Season 9): Cut at the green mile. Has done well in pop music.


Lauren Daigle (Seasons 9 and 11): Cut at the green mile in Season 9 and Vegas rounds in Season 11. Is a huge Christian music star and has won Grammy awards. Was even an idol mentor and sang with the recent Idol winner "Just Sam" for the finale.


Jimmie Allen (Season 10): Cut in the green mile in Season 10. Both of his singles so far have reached #1 on the country airplay charts. Definitely a rising star in the country world. And went on tour with his fellow Season 10er Scotty McCreery.


Johnny Keyser (Seasons 11 and 12): Cut in the Vegas rounds both seasons- although was he technically a semi-finalist in Season 12? Regardless, He was signed to Epic records and last month his latest single was certified platinum and his first one went gold. Has been doing well on radio. Now known as "John K." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_K_(musician)

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14 hours ago, FunkyFrankie said:

Lauren daigle was on idol?! 😮 

Yes she was on American Idol Season 9, American Idol Season 10, and American Idol Season 11.


American Idol Season 9 - Almost made the Top 24 just like Tori Kelly was also from her season. Tori Kelly apparently didn’t make it to the Top 24 because she didn’t want to sign a contract to work with Simon Cowell.

American Idol Season 10 - Didn’t even make it to Hollywood.

American Idol Season 11 - Made it to Hollywood Week, but didn’t make the Las Vegas round.

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Eric Burton from Black Pumas apparently auditioned (not clear what season, maybe 11) and made it to Hollywood.  https://www.austinchronicle.com/music/2019-06-21/black-pumas-bring-down-the-hammer-behind-powerhouse-singer-eric-burton/  They just got Grammy nominations for Album and Record of the Year, and were BNA nominees last year.  Also nominated for BNA last year: Anjelika "Jelly" Joseph from S14, as part of Tank and the Bangas, and Lizzo, who apparently auditioned and didn't even make it to Hollywood.  


Mickey Guyton (another Hollywood rejectee) also got nominated for Best Country Solo Performance.  And Lady A (with Hilary Scott, another person who famously didn't even get to Hollywood) got a Best Country Duo/Group nomination.


Funnily enough, the only Big Four nominations for people who actually made the Idol voting rounds were one Record of the Year (for Stronger) and one BNA (for Carrie).  Kelly and Carrie both had songs nominated for Song of the Year, but weren't among the writers.


Lizzo and Lady A have all four, Black Pumas have three, Tori Kelly's another BNA nominee, oh Colbie Caillat actually had an Album win as a featured artist on Taylor Swift's Fearless.


It's pretty funny when you look at the track records for some of the American singing shows in terms of Grammys.  Idol still comes out ahead in terms of its contestants, but second would be Nashville Star (thanks to Miranda and Kacey, and a couple for Chris Young), and The Sing-Off of all things has jumped into third, with Ingrid Andress getting several nominations this year added to Pentatonix's.  Does Andress count double because she was on The Sing-Off twice?

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