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  1. Eric Burton from Black Pumas apparently auditioned (not clear what season, maybe 11) and made it to Hollywood. https://www.austinchronicle.com/music/2019-06-21/black-pumas-bring-down-the-hammer-behind-powerhouse-singer-eric-burton/ They just got Grammy nominations for Album and Record of the Year, and were BNA nominees last year. Also nominated for BNA last year: Anjelika "Jelly" Joseph from S14, as part of Tank and the Bangas, and Lizzo, who apparently auditioned and didn't even make it to Hollywood. Mickey Guyton (another Hollywood rejectee) also got nominated for Best Count
  2. He really wasn't. I'm sorry, but this is just delusion, I don't know what to say. Scotty was even more unstoppable than Carrie, James was singing an incredibly niche genre, with a fraction of the fanbase of Country and a super-divisive vocal style.
  3. I know that you predicted Maddie after the actual Finale performances, but I was referring to the comparable timeframe to where we are now (before and after Top 5). At that point I'm pretty sure I was the only one among the vague pundit-class calling Maddie as the winner, or at least one of very few. The gulf in performance quality between Maddie and the other two was so gargantuan that it sealed the deal, at which point a lot of people suddenly agreed she'd win, but I was pretty confident prior to that based on a bunch of other factors. I'm pretty sure you acknowledging that I'd been backin
  4. That does not remotely square with my recollection, which was that Alejandro consistently beat everyone else on social media, but unfortunately thanks to the site crash I have no access to contemporary. Maybe you have saved records of your posts? I'm skeptical of numbers from looking at platforms now, given that most of Facebook's videos show fewer views on performances from a year ago than ones from 2 weeks ago and most of the Youtube videos have been taken down. I know for a fact that Facebook has had multiple versions of the same video with wildly different numbers, because it was drivin
  5. While it can't really be proven thanks to the sitepocalypse, people were calling Phillip from his audition, and assuming that Candice would get Melinda'd by Angie right up until Top 3, at which point a substantial number of people assumed country would push Kree past her. And at most, we're looking back as far as Scotty, who was the most obvious winner who ever obvioused.
  6. You could have said the same about Alejandro, on a similar basis. and Maddie was predicted by most to come in third, after being predicted to not make the Finale at all. ABC Idol has take some unexpected turns. For that matter, Trent was a distant 3rd or 4th on social media most of his season, and both Clark and Sam were almost universally assumed to be winning 14/13 until months into their seasons. Even Candice was hardly pre-ordained. The last obvious winner who actually won was Phillip, close to a decade ago. Of course, most of those earlier
  7. Wow this is super late, but this week has been a continual series of work disasters so I haven't really had the time or energy to write. Then again, I can't beat the spoilers at this point, so it doesn't matter that much. While these were written after the fact, the ranking is what I would've given before hand, so let's just all maintain a little suspension of disbelief. Although I've been pretty positive on the previous from-home episodes, this one was a disappointment. The first round especially had a lot of clunkers, and the tone of the night just felt depressed. I think bot
  8. It’s kinda overshadowed by all the other debaclery of that episode. He even proto-McPhee’d the episode, but nobody remembers because of Tamyra, Nikki, maybe Kelly’s worst performance (which I’d actually say was I Surrender)
  9. S1- Justin (Tamyra came within 2 points) S2- Clay S3- Jasmine S4- Nobody S5- Katharine S6- Jordin (Blake came within 2 points)) S7- Jason, Brooke (Archie came within 2 points) S8- Nobody (Matt came within 1 point) S9- Nobody (Top 10 was almost all Crystal) S10- Jacob S11- Joshua, Jessica (to be fair, Joshua's was a duet and Jessica's low was 24, which is way above the 10th worst of most seasons) S12- Nobody (Top 10 was almost all Candice) S13- Caleb, Jessica (Jessica's was a duet) S14- Nobody (Kinda hard when Seavey took half the
  10. Julia has I believe the 6th largest drop in score between consecutive performances at 58 points, behind Tamyra (Top 5-4, 73 points), Jasmine (Top 12-11, 66 points), Justin (Top 4 round 1-2, 65), Jordin (Top 6i-6ii, 65 points), and Blake (Top 6ii-4, 64 points). With the adjustment, there's a good chance she ends up at the second highest drop ever, since they're the second highest and lowest performances of the season. Probably nobody will ever beat Tamyra. You could throw James Durbin in there at 67. It kinda doesn't count, since the second performance was a duet, but it WAS in the same
  11. Nick mentioned that it felt like an original song which happened to use parts of Amazing Grace, so I think they'll treat it as such. Also it has an sd of 24 but Louis' second song is higher, and Francisco's second song will be over 80. Which is basically like a 90+ this year.
  12. At the moment Amazing Grace doesn't have an age listed. They might not have decided how to handle it either it seems. I was going to reference Swing Low Sweet Chariot (although it doesn't have the semi-original factor), but I notice that's not actually the oldest song. It Had To Be You is 2 years older.
  13. In descending order of certainty Almost There- Sam A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes- Julia (second guess Arthur doing the Shakey Graves cover, which would be unlikely but awesome) Our Town- Dillon (second guess Jonny) Kiss The Girl- Arthur (second guess Dillon) Beauty and the Beast- Francisco (second guess Julia) You'll Be In My Heart- Jonny (second guess Louis) Can You Feel The Love Tonight- Louis (second guess Francisco)
  14. A few quick Disney song suggestions. Mother's Day is too personally linked to really suggest for. I've intentionally tried to avoid all the songs we've heard a bunch of times and are damn sick of, though I'm sure at least one or two will turn up. Sam- "Almost There" from The Princess and the Frog This taps into the motivating elements of Sam's backstory, both the hardships she's faced and her drive to overcome them. It's also a more upbeat, energetic than most of the performances she's given, which would be a good contrast to a heartfelt Mother's Day ballad. F
  15. Updated with full comments, just in time for spoilers. Woo. I'll possibly maybe come back with song choices for Sunday, but if you're spoiler averse you might want to steer clear.
  16. Alright, Quarantine Idol Round 2. The novelty has worn off, the contestants have adjusted to the new routine and so has the audience. So how did the episode go? I actually thought it was a shockingly good episode. Several contestants I hadn’t cared for gave performances I actually quite liked, and one I hadn’t been totally sold on gave possibly my favorite performance of the season. I didn’t really think anyone was actually completely irredeemably terrible, although a few people had their struggles. Interestingly, two of those people were among this season’s frontrunners, and
  17. They've said they're not counting anyone as a perfect game this season. Equating it to "perfect because the game was cancelled due to rain"
  18. This week is off to a better start than last week. And they've done a better job of making the "Home" song choices actually feel relevant to their homes instead of just being "Song I Wanted To Sing With Some Ridiculous Excuse"
  19. Well, this was probably one of the most anxious weeks since Idol first made its debut. There were so many unanswerable questions as to how the remote performances would go, how the contestants would cope, what ridiculous costume Katy would wear. Overall, the answers were… ok. Graded on the massive curve of completely new circumstances and high difficulty, both the show and contestants did about as well as they could. Not amazing (well, Katy’s costume was amazingly ridiculous), but nowhere near as bad as it could have gone. While some of the performances were deeply mediocre, but the long hi
  20. I'm touched to know I can improve your day during these blah times.
  21. Clinging to the Tightrope 4/25 Look, if I try tapdancing right now, my downstairs neighbors are going to murder me. We’re all on the edge, any tiny annoyance could blow things up. But even aside from that… I’m having a reaaaaalll hard time building any enthusiasm for the rest of the season. It’s been very up and down all season to be honest. The auditions were as pointless as they’ve been for a decade at this point, with a side order of really astoundingly terrible editing. Then, as has been the case in the ABC era, the season won back a lot of ground with Hollywood.
  22. I haven't decided. TBH, losing the last 5 years of writing when the site rebooted killed a lot of the joy. We'll see how the new crop does getting me interested
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