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American Idol (Season 18 Redux)


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Hi! This'll be my first time to post a topic here at idolforums in the american idol category. I'll make a redux of this season and I'll make it as interactive as I can. Hopefully y'all will participate. 


I'll be starting in the Hawaii Showcase Round.

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In all rounds, I will put up a survey for 24 hours for you to vote your favorites. Judges only have ONE save after top 14.


This is how my redux will flow:


II. Top 40 Results (40 --> 20)


III. Top 20- solo song and duet with a professional singer


IV. Top 20 Results (20 ---> 14)


V. Top 14- Solo songs 


VI. Top 14 Results ( 7 artists with the higest votes will move to top 10; Bottom 7 artists will perform for the judges' save, 3 will be saved.) [14 --> 10]


VII. Top 10- Homeward Bound Theme


VIII. Top 10 Results (10 --> 7)


IX. Top 7- Disney Theme


X. Top 7 Results (7 --> 5) [Last chance for the judges to use their ONLY save]


XI. Top 5- Dedication Week and Movie Week


XII. Top 5 Results (5 ---> 3)


XIII. Top 3-  Judges Pick, Bobby Bones' Pick, Audition Song


XIV. Top 3 Results (3rd Placer Eliminated)


XV. Top 2- Song of the Series 



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12 HOURS TO GO!! 3 girls are actually dominating the poll, with 10 votes each. Unsurprisingly, If I were to base the results of the poll right now, 15 OF THE TOP 20 will be girls. But that can still change, so vote!! ❣️

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Kieran dim the lights. Here we go...


In no particular order the artists that made it to the top 20 is..


Shannon Gibsons!


Francisco Martin!


Makayla Phillips!


Just Sam!


Amber Fiedler!


Dillon James!


Cyniah Elise!


Julia Gargano!


Camryn Leigh Smith!


Arthur Gunn!


Genavieve Linkowski!


Grace Leer! 


Sophia James!


Olivia Ximines!


Louis Knight!


Jonny West!


Lauren Mascitti!


Kimmy Gabriela!


Lauren Spencer Smith!


Last spot goes to...




That's it guys, the top 20 you have voted. Later I will post their top 20 performances! Thank you guys for the support ❣️



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AMERICAN IDOL TOP 20 (Performance)


1. Olivia Ximines- "Who's Lovin' You" (Jackson 5)


2. Amber Fiedler- "Valerie" (Amy Winehouse)


3. Lauren Mascitti- "Jolene" (Dolly Parton)


4. Louis Knight- "If The World Was Ending" (Julia Michaels)


5. Grace Leer- "Cry" (Faith Hill)


6. Sophia James- "Burning" (Maggie Rogers)


7. Demi Rae Moreno- "I'd Rather Go Blind" (Etta James)


8. Camryn Leigh Smith- "Gravity" (Sara Berailles)


9. Dillon James- "Let It Be Me" (Ray LaMontagne)


10. Just Sam- "When You Believe" (Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston)


11. Shannon Gibbons- "I Can't Make You Love Me" (Bonnie Raitt)


12. Jonny West- "What a Wonderful World" (Louis Armstrong)


13. Lauren Spencer Smith- "Mamma Knows Best" (Jessie J)


14. Julia Gargano- "Human" (Christina Perri)


15. Arthur Gunn- "Lovin' Machine" (Wynonie Harris)


16. Cyniah Elise- "Change Me" (Tamela Mann)


17. Genavieve Linkowski- "Forever" (Lewis Capaldi)


18. Kimmy Gabriela- "Leave Me Lonely" (Ariana Grande)


19. Francisco Martin- "Teenage Dream" (Katy Perry)


20. Makayla Phillips- "Warrior" (Demi Lovato)



So there you have it! Your top 20 everyone! Now I'll be opening voting lines again for you to choose on who YOU want to be in the top 14! Thank you in advance for the support! ❣️


Here's the link:


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Hello! So far, we've got 14 votes, and a girl is leading with 13 votes!! It's actually surprising because !! SPOILER ALERT !! she's not part of the top 7 this year. The boys are actually doing pretty fine. Other than that, you only have 13 MORE HOURS TO GO!! So vote vote vote, every minute counts! Let's make this right (even if it's in forums only) 😁❣️

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!! Voting is now officially CLOSED !! 


I will announce later on who made it to the TOP 14! 



We've got 50 votes and one artist got 48 VOTES, dominating the votes and having 96%. The 14th spot is neck-to-neck, one artist is JUST 1 VOTE behind the 14th spot-getter. 

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