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The Chicks Fan Thread


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01. "I Can Love You Better" 

02. "Wide Open Spaces" 

03. "Loving Arms" 

04. "There's Your Trouble" 

05. "You Were Mine" 

06. "Never Say Die" 

07. "Tonight the Heartache's on Me" 

08. "Let 'Er Rip"

09. "Once You've Loved Somebody" 

10. "I'll Take Care of You" 

11. "Am I the Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way)" 

12. "Give It Up or Let Me Go" 


FLY (1999)


01. "Ready to Run"

02. "If I Fall You're Going Down with Me" 

03. "Cowboy Take Me Away" 

04. "Cold Day in July" 

05. "Goodbye Earl" 

06. "Hello Mr. Heartache" 

07. "Don't Waste Your Heart" 

08. "Sin Wagon" 

09. "Without You" 

10. "Some Days You Gotta Dance"

11. "Hole in My Head" 

12. "Heartbreak Town" 

13. "Ain't No Thang But a Chicken Wang" 

14. "Let Him Fly" (Patty Griffin)


HOME (2002)


01. "Long Time Gone"

02. "Landslide"

03. "Travelin' Soldier"

04. "Truth No. 2"

05. "White Trash Wedding" 

06. "A Home"

07. "More Love" 

08. "I Believe in Love"

09.  "Tortured, Tangled Hearts"

10. "Lil' Jack Slade" (Instrumental)

11. "Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)

12. "Top of the World"






01. "The Long Way Around"

02. "Easy Silence"

03. "Not Ready to Make Nice"

04. "Everybody Knows"

05. "Bitter End"

06. "Lullaby"

07. Lubbock or Leave It"

08. "Silent House"

09. "Favorite Year"

10. "Voice Inside My Head"

11. "I Like It"

12. "Baby Hold On"

13. "So Hard"

14. "I Hope"




1. “Gaslighter”
2. “Sleep at Night”
3. “Texas Man”
4. “Everybody Loves You”
5. “For Her”
6. “March March”
7. “My Best Friend’s Weddings”
8. “Tights on My Boat”
9. “Julianna Calm Down”
10. “Young Man”
11. “Hope It’s Something Good”
12. “Set Me Free”


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15 hours ago, Elliott said:

:dead: at you not including their pre-Natalie albums not that I blame you


Ugh, I'm so ready for Gaslighter. My wig will be snatched, my pores will be cleansed and my debts will be paid.

Oops :giggle:

Ugh, me too! 1.5 hours away! 

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