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NBA Thread

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With the Dunk Contest wrapped up, here is my annual Scorecard:


First Round:

1st Dunk:

Dwight Howard: Statue of Liberty. Solid dunk with some difficulty, but he missed the first attempt. 7.5/38


Derrick Jones: Love the setup (“Happy Birthday to You”), but again, he missed the first attempt. If you want to be generous, I’d give it an 8.5, but as it is… 8/40


Pat Connaughton: Jumps over Yelich, takes the ball from him, and sends it in. Gotta give him credit for getting it on the first try.  10/50


Aaron Gordon: Under-the-legs crossover, and then the reverse jam. Very difficult dunk, but he missed his first attempt. 9/45


2nd Dunk:

Dwight Howard: Took his jersey off to become Superman, honors Kobe with the #24 and the snakeskin ball, receives the ball and then jams it in the first time. Love the theatrics, but it’s a bit too easy 9.5/48


Pat Connaughton: The same thing as his first dunk, but with Giannis. Credit for difficulty due to height. Missed his first two attempts though. 9/44


Derrick Jones: 360, under-the-legs, one-handed jam. Made it on the first try. Job well done. If I could bring out an “11” paddle, I could. 10/50


Aaron Gordon: Jumped over Chance the Rapper, snatched the ball from him, did a pump axe-handle slam – all on the first try.  That should be an “11” dunk. 10/50



1st Dunk:

Derrick Jones: Not only did he jump over TWO people, he put the ball under the legs before slamming it through the hoop – all on the first try. Well done. 10/50


Aaron Gordon: The tik-tok girls did nothing for me. This was a repeat of his first-round dunk, but from the top of the three-point line in front of the basket. 9.5/47


2nd Dunk:

Derrick Jones: Varied his dunk by having the person he was jumping over bounce it off the backboard to him – and the ball was way out behind his legs. Degree of difficulty was a 5+ CAN WE GET A “15” PADDLE IN HERE?!?!? 10/50


Aaron Gordon: Pretty much ended any chance of winning the Dunk Contest by missing his first attempt – which is a shame, because he caught the pass one-handed and slammed it home all in one motion. 9.5/49.


Dunk-off, Round One:


Derrick Jones: Took the pass off the backboard, before going under-the-legs and threading it in. Of course he made it on the first try. 10/50


Aaron Gordon: This was the same dunk as his two others that took off from the three-point line, but from a different angle. 9/45.


Dunk-off, Round Two:


Derrick Jones: Attempted to recreate the Jordan Dunk – but it was just a bit in front of the free-throw line. 9.5/47


Aaron Gordon: A two-hand dunk over the seven-foot tall Tacko Fall. ⚠️ *In Alessia voice* Okay, okay, okay… 9.5/47



The Final round was close, but a missed attempt by Gordon and more difficult dunks by Jones were the difference. Derrick Jones it is.


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I'm surprised that so many on social media are saying Gordon was robbed (twice).

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Allstar weekend was awesome starting with former Kentucky Wildcat Bam Adebayo winning the skills contest and concluding with the best Allstar game I've ever watched.

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