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  1. Dumb Question, but still trying to figure out how to edit my sig on here
  2. I don’t really have a clear favorite yet, just a buncha people I like and a few I don’t. So most of these rankings are interchangeable. 1. Sarah Lacina 2. Natalie Anderson 3. Ethan Zohn 4. Rob Mariano 5. Kim Spraldin 6. Parvati Shallow 7. Jeremy Collins 8. Sophie Clarke 9. Nick Wilson 10. Denise Stapley 11. Adam Klein 12. Amber Mariano 13. Danni Boatwright 14. Yul Kwon 15. Tony Vlachos 16. Wendell Holland 17. Tyson Apostol 18. Sandra Diaz-Twine 19. Ben Driebergen 20. Michele Fitzgerald
  3. http://www.thecutekid.com/photo-contests/20200212/pictures-of-baby-1581543158 please help vote for my daughter. She’s in second place with 57 votes (leader has 138). You can vote once a day. Please help me out, we are trying to win this contest to help afford her hypoallergenic formula.
  4. Yikes, what a mess! Sounds like the whole thing was blown out of proportion on all sides.
  5. Omg a new idf!! I have been mia for a while cuz first I was pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl then diagnosed with eight tick born illnesses so have been quite sick and literally fighting for my life but I’m on meds now and hoping I improve soon. I thought coming back to idf may be therapeutic for me to take it off my mind. I missed posting here! I still have a music countdown from 2016-2018 that I never got around to posting but kinda want to some time
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