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  1. Oh wow see I didn’t know all this stuff! So maybe the Voice is just good for exposure is American Idol the same way?
  2. Yes but me personally have been dying to see Kelly and Corey maybe Gih will get PV and Corey IS ! (;
  3. This is the song he wrote for his mom i still can’t believe he didn’t take it that season and thought maybe he was bypassing all the contract stuff but he’s still grinding hope the same doesn’t happen to Cam I think out of all contestants he’d really take that Republic contract and make his way into something
  4. Ricky Durans originals are so fire the one he wrote for his mom I cry every time!
  5. This sounds like something I’d hear on radio I love it those empowering women anthems especially from men lol
  6. Wow! That is good! I also saw his “you can buy me a boat” cover and that may be a good uptempo song for him
  7. Omg i Stan that song so hard haha! I know this is probably a joke but with the right arrangement haha!
  8. Well if that’s the cas ethen I agreee and I think we do need to see the versatility especially in this right of a race I know Cam can kill it Im more worried for Kenzie and even Corey to some extent although they both surprised me in the trio last night.
  9. Cody had a better twang and note control sounded sharp probably because it wasn’t live but still preferred the arrangement and everything else
  10. I dunno Cam has dope originals I was ready to listen to live
  11. Blake last night phoned it in on rallying troops to vote on his insta story he seemed blasé like he’s already given up and Kenzie is winner I dunno something is off about him lately
  12. Yeah that performance was as raw as they come and that white microphone? Perfection!
  13. Maybe not when they are really good but when their bad people rememebr and it affects their opinion on artist this is just from reading about last night and talking to friends who watched as well I do think it affects perception in some way.
  14. I dunno about that if she kills it in IS she could take that last spot depending on how Corey Dana Pía and Jordan do
  15. It’s gonna come down to IS song and if they kill it. I asked about how the trio affects voting in Live thread and they said 0% but talking to others who watched the show they were super turned off by that Fleetwood Mac trio and since it was last sadly that’s what they rememeber. Even Gihanna they were like she was good but what a train wreck In that trio. I actually thought she sang good in it you just couldn’t hear her over band and there was just something off about the blending. Good thing tho is people have short term memory and it’s about the now so that’s why I Day it comes down to IS tonight and yesterday was just fodder
  16. Omg him sitting in chair tho I dunno guys I’m eating this up!! Lol
  17. This was not a closer song we needed something more wow!
  18. He’s singing for his Maw maw? Omg i wanna Vite for him just for that like totally pulled me in lol minivan will eat it up same Im sure
  19. O swear if he calls Kenzie a winner after his performance I’m suing lol
  20. And that’s on Mary had a little lamb! (like the kids say)
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