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  1. No Nick would have paired him with Rachael and kept Rachael
  2. I didn’t see I just started bawling! I was Blake with my head in my hands saying please cam please cam! I wish they let them sing at least it ends so quick after winner!
  3. He truly is I wish I could upload the license plate me and my dad saw at a red light and we both laughed and said wow maybe it’s a sign he’s gonna win! Because we were trying to make it home to watch! I’ve never cried at a win but this one means so much after this week!
  4. Omg the curse! You may be onto something but hopefully not!! Saying the IDF CHAT FOR GOOD JUJU!!
  5. Havnt seen the full two hours but getting home and seeing her in that golf dress! Wow! She’s won so much already! At 16!!!
  6. Made it home in time for final five! Saw a CAM plate while driving home! Hope it manifests!
  7. Gonna miss a bit gotta get my dad discharged but hopefully will be back before it ends! Hope I don’t miss much but will catch PT feed if I miss too much!
  8. Thank you ! Just got good news! His cancer test came back negative and he’s gonna be discharged later today!!!
  9. Cam cuz he’d sing all the genres! I wish he had done Tennessee Whiskey for minivan!
  10. It’s gonna be hard to stay away from IDF and not get results will probably have to watch PT time as Im still at hospital with my dad so excited and can’t wait to read all the comments here after I’ve watched!
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