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  1. My SO is love because when I complained about my feed going out he video chatted me and put the Voice on his TV in the hotel room so I could finish watching it! He’s as neutral as they can come and he liked Cam out of all the performances he saw in the last hour if that’s any indication he killed that Wanted Dead or Alive like a pro. That said after rewatching all the performances on YouTube since I had technical difficulties the first hour my thoughts are as follows Kenzie’s- both performances felt flat just like last week because we’ll it all sounds the same his ballad sounded like his blind almost it’s that same country tone which I love don’t get me wrong I actually added his original album to my Apple Music but as far as a singing competition he never pushed himself to show me something different except during the trios. If he wins I’ll a accept it because the kid is damn good but I didn’t think he did anything exceptional during the season Jordans- wow! Talk about pushing himself and even though he didn’t nail Stay he attempted it and I give him a whole lot of credit for showing us all these facets of himself I’d love for him to be too 2 or even win so that Kenzie and Cam don’t have to deal with contract issues . But he was solid all season and my second fave in final performances Victors- wow that finale tho! So powerful ! He went out swinging! But I didn’t feel it was as solid as Cams performances tonight and after watching video posted of the original Freedom performance the bad ads ness and originality of performance was lessened to a nilch degree but agree he ceveutef it very similarly and that takes power. Rachaels- wow has she grown! But like Kenzie it was linear for me and I wasn’t crazy about either performance her ballad thru me off with the shiny outfit and crown didn’t fit her persona definitely wish she had done some Joni but she as far as growth wins that Cams - man watching that recap he did it all pop rock RnB and nailed it I hope his diet is with Justin Neiner or Snoop dog tommorow and I feel like as far as the competition he was the most well rounded and consistent and different I’m not sure if I necessarily want him to win tho because of the contract but I feel like he has Kelly Clarkson potential to be first to make it big even with a shifty contract In conclusion I went all in for Cam and hope he gets the W can’t wait to see tommorow results not sure if I’ll catch them live but hoping to!
  2. Omgggggggg’ I just experienced the Cam show wow! That looked like a Super Bowl performance omg blew me away waaaaay better thank studio that chorus once he climbed down the stairs the ending seeing Blake jamming! That ending ommmmmmggg I havnt seen victors finale but this should have been it ! Wow!!
  3. Doing better keeping hopes up may be really bad news but won’t know until tommorow and I ain’t trying to manifest that part but will keep IDF updated hopefully they release him tommorow so we can watch finale together! This feed is god awful I’m trying to watch with c ads interrupting hockey game interrupting and news interrupting when it works otherwise feed goes out and I wait foreeeeeeever to reload so will have to rewatch all performances from start to finish on YouTube afterwards but so far impressed with Jordan so much!
  4. Catching the pacific feed my dad was in hospital ); just got home so will update once I watch will be reading IDF COMMENTS along the way to experience it as it should be!
  5. And he’ll surprise us with some change up in the lives per usual I think if he isn’t crowned it will be better because of the contract but not for lack of talent but I won’t be mad if either him or Kenzie takes it
  6. I’m not minivan but I ate Kenzie right up! Cam is gonna kill it for sure he ALEAYS outdoes the studio somehow and that BonJovi song I bet he’s gonna guitar it too try and get some of those country votes. Rachael was god but after Desz rant last week all I kept thinking was her repeating “I hope you dance” and it just didn’t do it for me sweet girl but just don’t see her vocal ability the same after that rant Jordan was super surprising on Dtay and his uptempo is so Jordan I could see him in third for sure! Victor I could see closing with Freedom if they don’t want to let Cam have a second closing spot but was not a fan of the raspy on Beyoncé wish he had picked a better ball rad. Excited nonetheless to see it all play out and their honestly all winners making it this far and getting soooooo much exposure and broadening their fan base so it’s a win win already for them all
  7. It should be since it’s the voice but here we are how much of it do you think is the format?
  8. I feel that A LOT of people were not happy with Rachael performance yesterday being off key and going off the rails which is exactly what DESZ said and were rooting for Dana but now that it’s painted under the brush of inequity as I don’t know if She said full on rascism We’re gonna call it disrespectful? I’m just confused
  9. If anything it was disrespectful to the show not the contestants the contestants were just examples of how TPTB is holding back the AA woman’s potential on the show I felt enlightened on how you know what I never thought about it like this and this is something I can see as valid and true
  10. I watched the live and I don’t think she put her down as much as stated facts because it was true that Dana outsang Rachael and honestly I was upset when she made it past the Battles with Bradley Sinclair because he clearly out voiced her and Nick kept picking her based on the age and growth arc and she is talented she didn’t take that away she simply stated that it takes a lot less vocal talent to repeat one line in a song than to really articulate and belt like Dana I understood what she was saying and didn’t feel she ripped Rachael at all
  11. I don’t think it’s a meltdown I just think that maybe it’s less then being rascist than the demo and preference and willingness to vote but I saw comment that said why can’t it be both and you know what that hit me because yeah you know what it can and it’s valid as I experience rascism personally in my life in my small town so yeah they could they just be rascist in not wanting to see people of color in finale and well that is disturbing the lack of diversity but we do have Cam in the finale so it’s also sexism on top of rascism and lots of other factors such as the voting format could contribute and the fact that west coast can’t vote and the demographics on that it’s just such an in depth conversation and I appreciate DESZFAN for opening up that discussion and making me think a little harder
  12. I can’t find comment cuz it’s buried but someone said Blake should have picked Anna I still think Jordan had more votes than Pete that night and would have taken the IS
  13. Do you think it’s rascism or that the Demo is predominantly people who prefer the country genre I have a lot of friends who were upset Gih didn’t go they but didn’t vote and those that follow Blake and country they set their alarms by this i think instead of dwelling we should be glad the artists get to release their music and got the exposure they needed to create a fan base as voice winners rarely get their flowers
  14. Oooh I like this ! Also thought if this for finale since there will be five the votes will split even more I liked the old format like in Rickys season
  15. All this ! Even Gihannas voice wasn’t as steady tonight and Corey was already saying goodbye on his insta story a la Pete so he phoned it in although I didn’t see his performance I just kept telling him on the live that he still had this !
  16. Im not a huge fan but I do think he is really good at showmanship and he’s got this gritty voice that just pulls me in I wasn’t a fan of last night but everything else has been in your face powerful and just good so even though I wanted to see Corey get last spot I’m not mad at Jordan he earned it for sure
  17. Team Kelley was stacked but she honestly pushed Kenzie so hard and I feel like it should have been Gihanna and Corey going i still havnt seen a stage presence from Lenzie although his vocals are just like honey I’ve been listening to his original all day I dunno I’m bummed out because I wanted to see more from Gih Corey and Dana
  18. It wasn’t my favorite but I had a bad connection it sounded squeaky I missed Corey and Dana and Pía only caught Jordan and Gihanna can’t wait to rewatch at 8 but Jordan sounded and looked killer so even tho I wanted Corey I guuuuuuesssss Jordan is in we lates knew he was an IS contender we even talked about how if Blake had picked Pete he would have taken IS
  19. Wow I really thought Corey had it but Jordan was consistent all season and I can see him being a contender for the top now depending on how Kenzie does next week he could steal those minivan country votes!
  20. Im not liking the squeaky voice tonight I like her pure tone could be my connection tho
  21. Wish I would have seen Corey was he really that bad?? Gihanna got pimp spot!
  22. Got it to work !! Omg Jordan!! I think he might take this!
  23. Internet is down in my town figures and even the LTE is slow somethings going on maybe a conspiracy so we don’t vote lol
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