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  1. His wife may have picked it as she picked all his other songs and we assumed he got bussed. The song choices did him in and he phoned in that IS performance. Shame because he was my fave and had some killer covers. Check them out if you can to compare. His U2 one was awesome.
  2. If Dana and Rachael get PV/CS who do you think will get the wild card spot? Jose Andrew or Devan? I’m leaning towards Devan despite his performance only because he got the votes to be the 4way knockout save
  3. I was more reflecting on the fact that all four of them standing reflected their performance vs just Blake standing for Pete and I know a lot of people although they loved Pete’s performance it was the least favorite from Team Blake so it all correlates I hope I’m wrong as I really enjoy his performances and want to see what else he’s got
  4. This is why I fell Jordan Cam and Anna are safe and Pete will go home despite him being one of my faves ));
  5. I feel like Blake will pick Anna maybe to give Ryleigh and Rachel some competition if they all make it to finals almost like having a woman rep as he mentioned when he saved her but I think Jordan is most deserving of the save and even though I’m a huge Pete fan last night didn’t do it and I think Blake may not save him due to the optics. On Team Kelly it’s so stacked but I feel like she will save Corey as she’s chosen him twice already and his competitor has been saved (I.e Gihanna this time) Zaes performance last night I don’t think was enough for Coaches Svae or Wildcard spot IMO
  6. I concur and Jordan outshone him in the lives and will get Wild Card IMO even Anna I feel made a bigger impact overall I watched Pete’s live where he said his wife picked both Pat Benatar and the Louis Cipaldi (sp?) song which I had thought he got bussed but he chose this route hopefully not to his demise I just think had he come out in the lives with a stronger song he could have easily pushed thru to the lives guess we’ll have to wait and see!
  7. Love your reviews! I did want to mention tho you got Team Kelly on there twice I think you forgot to put Team Blake instead of you wanna edit the fix. But other than that spot on on everything especially that vanilla ice cream analogy on Pete lol as a Petefan that’s exactly how I felt I wanted him to do something bold and strong like Layla or pretty much anything else than Pat Benatar lol
  8. 1.Cam 2.Kenzie 3.Dana 4.Corey 5.Rachel
  9. Okay so say Pete got the second highest votes behind Cam but isn’t the Coach’s save he would get wildcard? And technically the coaches save could be the last place voice right?
  10. Can someone explain to me how the wildcard is picked? Is it the bottom two on each team?
  11. Thanks I’m on the live stream waiting watching access Hollywood lol I normally just catch the clips but I wanna see the coaches comments wish they added those on the YouTube videos and clips.
  12. Agreed all of Team Kelly should go thru disappointed in song choices for Team Blake but hoping Pete and Cam pull it out and beat the bus.
  13. I think it would be cool if someone did “Austin” for playoffs if Emma Caroline makes it i think she could do something with it or even Cam Ive heard him song Tenesee Whiskey and flip it I’d love to see it as it’s it anni and the voice anni I just hope we get some cool songs and not the same ones we see year after year the go tos if you will.
  14. I have a feeling he’s gonna be dark horse there’s always that unexpected contestant that comes out in playoffs I’m gonna bet on Jose he may have been kept in background for a reason by TBTB imho
  15. I guess it’s his signature but for me it just screams like Vegas lounge singer but your right it doesn’t affect his vocal ability and I was thinking of when Christian Cuevas and Jason Warrior killed it during their battles performance. But they definitely emoted so we’ll have to see if be surprised if he picked that but pleasantly Monday can’t come soon enough!
  16. Executed correctly tho he could kill it he May be playing the victor game and leaving the emotion and big moment for playoffs would be a sight to see anytime anyone sings Hello and nails it it’s a winner Ps I just hope he doesn’t wear another glitter jacket
  17. José Figueroa Jr singing Adele??!! Now that could be a game changer id love to see
  18. I can’t see Willie going home people love him but agree with the rest
  19. Good guess based on arm movement would be fun to Yeah that tone gets me ! I think Carolina may win it tho because her social media game was on point and her fans spread it too so we’ll see excited for Monday and even rooting for Dion! Whoever gets it will be well deserved they are all 4 so talented in different ways can’t wait to find out!
  20. Same although it’s unpopular opinions loooooved savanna’s but something about Emma just seemed vulnerable and raw to me sometimes imperfection is perfection
  21. Long time lurker first time poster forever Team Blake fan! Signed up just to comment about road to lives.... who thinks/wants them to air the Jose and Raine battle?? Due to the controversy I’d love to see it in full and hello ratings! Just hoping they add something different and it’s not just a edge to edge recap
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