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  1. Can I get added to this fan thread ? Does that mean I’ll get updates?
  2. I think it’s gonna be Andrew Marshall who was on Team Nick then Team Blake then back on Team Nick but damn you ranked him hella low cuz I’d have put him at least top 20 like he performed
  3. Ah that answered my second question Melanie Martinez is awesome !
  4. Who are the 7 people? Who has most followers in Boice history?
  5. Tie with the Blake duets they seemed more in tune and playing off each other which is what a duet should be I also liked Rachael and Nick but didn’t feel a connection
  6. Any Gossip after last nights finale? I heard Deion jumped on Desz live??? Missed it
  7. Thanks @Bk1234 for posting all this keep it coming as I miss a lot that Hollywood Junket interview was really good and I loved hearing about how he picked Blake and what ran thru his mind
  8. Just combed they twitter and a comment stood out “Why aren’t we watching more of the finalists perform audience requests” and I’m like yeah why aren’t we the show was filled with so many celebs but the finalists with the exception of Kenzie didn’t get to perform except for the duets 2 hours and they made up what MAYBE 20 min?? FOod for thought
  9. Yes because he killed it My SO who NEVER watches the show but had to last night as my stream went out (what a guy right?!) was like omg who is this guy and damn he just totally killed that song and then he saw the other performances and was like nah that Cam guy was the best he totally did something different and the whole production of it was clean I was like OMG at Victors ending but he was like too much puro no that Can guy he’s gonna win FIRST time watching the Voice so yeah he would have still won he’s got the star quality just needed a bigger forum to showcase it
  10. Yeah it just seemed so odd and out of place maybe we’ll find out more tommorow for now we should just be rejoicing around Cam as he truly did deliver I just want more lol sooooo many performances I wanted him to cover wish it was a longer season!
  11. I just watched Cams IG live and wow!! Must watch! I got chills! I literally think we’re looking at the next Michael Jackson and you know what he’s taking all of Season 20 with him! BEing that he was at one point mentored by Dr Dre I can see him starting his own label like when Blake said Superstar I think he felt this energy too! I’m sooooooo excited to see this from the embryo stage! Can’t wait for what’s next!
  12. I asked the same thing I for sure thought JB and Cam would sing together disappointed But like why aren’t more people talking about this??
  13. Okay watching all the performances since I didn’t catch the whole show live but like was Kenzie the only finalist that sang with a celeb??
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