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  1. Ariana claims to have been on heavy medication following a wisdom-teeth removal in the video, so make of that what you will. I hope she has learned as well lol, sorry to be the annoying stan defending my fav here
  2. Completely agree with this. I've observed a very odd phenomenon with white middle-aged mothers and an obsession (or at least general like) of Lady Gaga. Not to mention she has a hold of mostly older gay men as well. Ariana has tweens, teens, and twenty-somethings.
  3. I don't think she needs any money, just something to entertain her while she waits for the pandemic to end to kick off another world tour lol
  4. If you buy a donut, you too can take home a CCTV picture of yourself licking it for only 5 extra dollars!
  5. her early tweets r so cute. there's one from 2012 where she says she hopes she can sing for stadiums like Katy Perry one day. idk makes me smile
  6. its a bet I think will pay off. I've seen a lot of people on this thread who I don't think really grasp Ariana's reach. She is almost always the #1 or #2 artist on Spotify and other streaming services. She doesn't have as big of sales as Gaga or Taylor because a majority of her fanbase is significantly younger, but trust she has millions of fans. the real question is whether they're tuning in next season.
  7. can confirm ariana twt is freaking out... this season bout to have more viewers than a royal wedding
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