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  1. Me with Pia Toscano’s elimination from 10 years ago.
  2. Nah, I think they’d rather continue the Nick/Gwen swap in, while they keep Blake, Kelly, and John for 10 more seasons.
  3. But will the Voice want to bring her back? I going to pretend I didn’t see that Christina shade. Queen left for a good reason.
  4. To add to the Christina Aguilera suggestion, β€œPero Me Acuerdo De Tí” is one of my favorite Spanish songs. Here’s how it was done on La Voz US by Queen Emily...
  5. I know, but I’m saying that reworking β€œI Dare You” wouldn’t really be considered that special, since Kelsie did it in S19.
  6. Hitting the high notes isn’t everything, just saying...
  7. Sid Kingsley - Make It Rain - 5 DeSz - Can We Talk - 40 Carter Rubin - You Say - 10 Payge Turner - Creep - 10 Cami Clune - I Put A Spell On You - 72 + Cami - Sid
  8. I preferred Kimberly, India , and Koryn to Sawyer, and I would have liked to see one of them win, but that doesn’t make Sawyer undeserving. I just didn’t like his tone. You could argue DeSz (though I preferred Carter to her in every round expect the blinds and battles), but John’s live show performances were terrible.
  9. I guess Sawyer deserved to win (Carter definitely deserved to win though), I just wasn’t really a fan of his tone and never got the hype.
  10. I never doubted that he was the runaway winner, I just said that I never got the hype. Overall, Season 8 was VERY disappointing for me, with the finale being one of my personal least favorites (the absence of Kimberly/India, Koryn only getting fourth. ) It doesn’t matter that much though since Koryn won in the end with those Grammy nominations.
  11. Overall, I thought the episode was pretty bad. Chanel’s voice is terrible to listen to, I hope she doesn’t make it far because I cannot stand listening to it. It amazes me that Chanel gets a chair turn and Rebecca doesn’t. Wura has an interesting voice, but I thought the performance was pretty pitchy. Janel was the best of the night, but still not great.
  12. Oh, I’m a little disappointed that it seems that Marisa and Larriah will be ranked this low.
  13. That COULD work, but I feel the original arrangement of the song is terrible for singing competitions. She could rework it, but Kelsie kind of just did that the season before.
  14. I watch his audition periodically to try and figure out what’s so special about him. (spoiler alert: I still haven’t found it yet.)
  15. Sid Kingsley - Make It Rain - 6 DeSz - Can We Talk - 40 Carter Rubin - You Say - 11 Payge Turner - Creep - 10 Cami Clune - I Put A Spell On You - 72 + Cami - Sid
  16. She made questionable decisions all around, picked some pretty bad song choices, and I believe contestants have reported unenjoyable times on Team Shakira (correct me if I’m wrong on this one though.) Was Kristen’s placement ever revealed? She should have definitely made the finale over Jake regardless...
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