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  1. Cassadee Pope releases her new album, "Thrive."
  2. Quick question, is the live format for this season the same as last season?
  3. I just heard "Giving You Up" on my local radio station!
  4. "Waiting On You" Music Video is NOW UPLOADED.
  5. I've just heard Kenzie singing Sam Hunt's "2016" on Pete's IG live.
  6. Pete is live now with Kenzie Wheeler (I know it's late though LOL)
  7. The music video for "Waiting On You" premieres tomorrow! https://www.instagram.com/p/CUBrpOMMgdj/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  8. It's the opposite in Hawai'i, most of the libs that I dealt would support more lockdowns and stricter vaccination mandates (like the passport) in a heartbeat...heck I am sure they would support a booster as well despite what places like Vermont, Florida (taking the antibody treatments out of the equation), and like you said Minnesota, show in regards to the high-infection rates in high-vaccinated populations. I tried to talk through them about it, but knowing how they are with their opinions, it felt real pointless lol. I will say however, that some are getting increasingly frustrated with authority and their utter hypocrisy with the mandates and such...but most would not oppose more authority to "decrease the infection rate." 70% was the set for "immunity" and now they are just forcing everyone to get vaccinated and businesses to implement a mandate or else they would get severely punished for it.
  9. I can confirm this is the same for Hawai'i as well. Vaccine requirements for employees and now patrons are implemented and we are still in the hitting an all-time high for average daily cases. In addition, we have just hit an all-time high for reported deaths under COVID as well. The protests against the mandates are increasing in size, but the mayors, the Lt. Governor and the Governor himself are refusing to listen to their opposition. They are still continuing to blame the unvaccinated no matter what; calling them hostile yet they never seen the protests themselves.
  10. Speaking of music releases... Ricky Duran releases "Waiting On You" for Suicide Prevention month.
  11. I should have reworded...my bad. The IG live is next Sunday. So the eve of the premiere.
  12. Stay tuned for next Sunday as Cam will join Kenzie Wheeler and Jordan Matthew Young on Pete Mroz's IG live for the eve of The Voice S21's premiere.
  13. Kenzie is returning to Pete's artist to artist IG live next week with Cam and Jordan for the S21 premiere. CORRECTION: IG live is on Sunday. Not Monday.
  14. Season 19 Jim Ranger's Instant Save song (never mentioned what week it was for but I am assuming it was for the wildcard): "God Gave Me You" by Blake Shelton Jim's finale cover ("With A Little Help From My Friends") was originally not the Joe Crocker version but the Tedeschi Trucks Band's cover.
  15. Pete Mroz on Instagram: “@jimrangermusic you are an awesome human … keeping being you and letting God use you the way He does!!” Pete went live with Jim Ranger for another Artist 2 Artist livestream. He mentioned more details about the whole "Speechless" fiasco behind the scenes. Pete was also given a Rod Stewart song, "I'm Losing You" (Original by the Temptations) by mistake lol.
  16. ***NEW SINGLE ALERT*** Pete will release a new single titled "Always Been You" on September 20th, produced by Rob Byus (a.k.a the bass player that Blake "stole.") Pete Mroz (@petemroz) • Instagram photos and videos
  17. **NEW SINGLE ALERT** Ricky's third single this year, "Waiting On You" will be released on September 20th along with its own music video. 50% of the sales will be going towards the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention and its branch in Massachusetts! Link in his Instagram bio! EDIT 17th lol Ricky Duran (@rickyduran) • Instagram photos and videos
  18. Oh shoot. I did not see that elimination coming.
  19. I checked Facebook's reactions. Many didn't like Madilyn's performance from what I can tell by the comments. I saw some agreeing with Howie -- they couldn't hear what she was singing.
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