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  1. Cam and Kenzie are neck and neck...whew.
  2. That app that was used to analyze voting data in American Idol?
  3. This is getting closer by the minute lol. Kenzie has higher peaks, but Cam has the higher average....these stats however might mean nothing tomorrow.
  4. I clearly wasn't paying attention to the FB numbers last season lol. It is also why I said usually.
  5. Usually...if I can recall, Jake Hoot was leading in the view/like ratio during finale night. There are some cases where they are iffy.
  6. I know that was Malcolm X and MLK Jr. I wasn't familiar with either songs (lyrically) so It never clicked with me that the song choices were referring to that picture lol. My bad.
  7. Most likely. But that upbeat song Kenzie sang was by George Strait (known as the "King of Country") so I can see some country fans being critical about it. I am still solidifying my prediction of a Kenzie win though LOL.
  8. Last time I recall...Katie Kadan (but Jake Hoot scored streaming bonuses the entire lives) but came in 3rd despite being ahead...
  9. That George Strait one... I can see people being very critical with that.
  10. Seriously? On which performance in particular? And for what reason(s)?
  11. Y'all better prepare for @snoopy2003 getting the last laugh tomorrow LOL.
  12. Case in point, Chayce Beckham winning American Idol last night.
  13. 1. Kenzie 2. Cam 3. Victor 4. Jordan 5. Rachel I am placing my bets on this.
  14. I think I am referring to him being the first finalist done during that night. Unless I misread lol
  15. Expected that the ballads charted first than anything else lol
  16. What about Todd Tilghman...? Didn't he finish first during finale night of his season?
  17. I think this time it is more so a genre thing. Example...look at American Idol last night (even though Chayce was my top choice going into finale night lol).
  18. Which is why I am in peace that Cam may in fact lose tomorrow.
  19. On the bright side...losing means that he would likely not get to be stuck with RR and be MIA long term.
  20. Looking the Google Trends (haven't even watched the performances nor looked at the FB reactions because of school work), I am calling it for Kenzie as well. Probably the best for both him and Cam career wise. (If Cam wins, I hope Blake works out something with him that is not letting him get stuck with RR).
  21. Huh...apparently his uptempo cover is a throwback to this IG post. https://www.instagram.com/p/sVhuwwlq72/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  22. Chayce is closing the gap between him and BTS lol
  23. We will see tomorrow...I am listening to the song on Spotify now. I'm mixed about it...but hey I can think of MUCH WORSE song choices than that.
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