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  1. Considering he had a longer run on the show than those two combined, I’d imagine that saved him from the bottom half of the rankings. In any case, Paris making the top third of the list is enough to satisfy me (since there’s been a couple of people the last two seasons I’d place more than a tier or two off from where Bk placed them, and Paris is the one I most expected to fit that bill this season).
  2. He’s the one I’m expecting to be ranked first meaning he probably won’t be now that I’ve said that
  3. I’d take Lana off that list since she did get eliminated before the finale, but Bk being a big Lana fan + a decent run on the show should carry her through to the top 10 of the ranking at least (if I had to guess).
  4. I’m agreeing with all y’all on putting Jim & Sasha + LiBianca in this set with clues 1 and 2. I’m not sure on the other two clues but I feel like Paris will be in this set or the next (and he fits for the last clue so…) For clue 3, you could literally spin a roulette wheel of everyone else except GNT and it’d probably work
  5. MJ’s choices for Wendy and Jershika (and to a lesser extent, Cam) are head-scratchers, but at least Pia gets a well-deserved nod here too, so I’ll take it. I do kinda get why they went with “Jolene” for Wendy though - it was her big comeback after breaking both arms on live TV less than a week before. I’d have picked her Semis performance personally, but “Jolene” was proof that Wendy wasn’t going to let anything stop her from putting her game face on and delivering her best vocals.
  6. Shoutout to @FloorWax for placing Bella in the set because there’s no way in hell I would’ve figured that one out And this set officially places Hailey Green as the highest-ranked pre-lives elimination. (and adds to the pressure of me speed-running my S20 ranking so I can do my S21 one soon-ish, oops )
  7. Time to petition David for studios of all of his on-show work (obviously we’re getting the KO, which I’m excited for, but I’d love his version of “breathin” in studio form as well as “Slow Burn” - and if he can get Chavon on board for the two of them to record their battle song, then “Sugar We’re Going Down Swingin’” would give me a massive serotonin boost)
  8. “Last Dance” had an okay studio, but the live performance…yeah, I’ll just leave it at that (to be fair, Holly was sick that week so it wasn’t 100% her fault that the performance turned out that way, but still). Of the options in the poll, I voted for “So Sick” because it took the momentum Samuel had from both his solo performances in the pre-taped rounds and effectively threw it in the garbage. The one upside to that exit was that it freed him up to start posting content/after-show plans sooner than he may have otherwise, so…not a total loss, I guess?
  9. #1: Katie Rae (mistakenly eliminated in the KOs based on source feedback, and incorrectly identified as her battle’s loser/Ari’s save when she won her battle and her opponent received the save) #2: ??? #3: Jeremy Rosado (sang “Here Comes Goodbye” as his audition song and “What Hurts the Most” for his Save performance, both of which are Rascal Flatts songs) #4: Kinsey Rose? (She knows Vince Gill and was eliminated pre-lives, which makes me think it’s her over other country-adjacent/Tennessee-based/theatrically flamboyant contestants this season)
  10. Going with all four of @Cookie73’s guesses because I spent way too long trying to figure at least one clue out on my own and got nowhere
  11. S17 easily (Rose/Ricky/Will are favorites for a reason, and I liked several other pre-lives eliminees too) Maelyn, no contest (though Hoot is one of the better country guys we’ve had on the show) Ricky, easily (though Gyth’s iconic Semis performance continuing to live rent-free in IDF’s brain is amusing)
  12. What should’ve happened: Beth winning her CB, Rebecca getting Kelly’s Save (which would’ve been deserved imo) What actually happened: Results being announced in an order that screwed Beth over At least the results weren’t as questionable as they could’ve been considering the Blake-heavy bias of the audience, I guess
  13. Bella recording Damaged + No More Tears??? Yes ma’am (and her other performances too of course, but especially those first two)
  14. Guessing it’s someone from Team CeeLo, but we’ll see. (I was originally going to say CeeLo or Shakira but then I remembered she never had a finalist )
  15. Swon Brothers for #4, Tony Lucca for #2, and Dia Frampton for #1. Not sure who #3 is, but I have a couple names that come to mind.
  16. Carson and Keilah I both expected here, but the other two are a bit surprising. The explanations make sense (as usual), so I see how they all ended up here - whether or not I agree with the rankings is another matter.
  17. Flashbacks to the time one of my college buddies (who’s also originally from Mississippi) asked with 100% seriousness if a hoodie would be an appropriate winter coat. Hope Hailey’s staying nice and toasty.
  18. There’s an old video I stumbled across on Metatube (I think, or some site like that) which has one of the fall seasons’ casts attempting to build gingerbread houses and I was giggling like a fool the entire way through that one. I’d link it for the holiday vibes, but I don’t remember if we’re allowed to link unofficial uploads/non-YT videos here or not.
  19. Jordan vs. Tessanne in Batch One hurts my soul Batch Two has pretty solid options all around, but I know what I’m leaning towards there at least.
  20. Either of S5 and S13 would be worthy winners, though the first season people watch through tends to be one that they have a soft spot for. I’m betting on 5 as the winner with 13 as runner-up right now, but there’s no real loser with these results.
  21. I think this is the more likely explanation, but I don’t fully trust Bk not to get into controversial territory with these rankings
  22. The first one is someone whose age is likely somewhere in the early 20s (Cami’s new song is “old at 20”) but could also maaaaaybe be Joshua, since he and Cami knew each other pre-show. Doubtful on the latter bit, but I also wouldn’t have pegged Carson as being quite this low and I’m 90% sure he’s clue 2 or 3, so…
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